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Wiper Stolen? Wiper Nut Cover Stolen? Park at a safer place now!

It is undeniable that the security problems in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia is in alarming mode. Snatch thieves, robbers and pickpockets are everywhere eyeing to get someone victimized on the city streets or lanes.     Every single driver is worried about snatch thieves smashing their car’s windows to lift their bags. Every lady is worried that they ...

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Beware of Traffic Lights with Daylight Robbers in Klang Valley

In recent months, a new robbery trend has emerged in Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur and adjoining cities & town in Selangor) with motorists being targeted by robbers on motorbike at traffic lights or even in a road traffic jams. Based on our analysis, most of them were at daytime. Possibly, this is what the real meaning of ‘daylight robbery’.   Typically, the ...

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RON97 will be RM2.90 per litre effective May 5, 2011 in Malaysia

  Malaysia Government will raise the price of the RON97 unleaded fuel by 20c from RM2.70 to RM2.90 per litre effective on May 5. In the other hand, the price of the RON95 unleaded fuel remains at RM 1.90 per litre at this point of time.

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