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Hybrid Vs Diesel – Here goes the BMW Mini Cooper Diesel Vs Toyota Prius

Automakers are introducing a number of different solutions for cleaner and more fuel efficient vehicles. In Australia, there is a war of words over title of greenest car back in 2009. Every automaker is trying to share the mantle of the country’s most fuel-efficient car as part of their marketing effort. The new Toyota Prius with 1.8L engine has joined ...

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Hybrid Vs Diesel Engine, which save the most fuels?

When the talks turns to saving fuel during fuel price crisis, the hybrid engine powered car naturally rise to the surface. In the other hand, a lot of people didn’t know that diesel powered car are also as efficient or even more efficient than hybrid car. Unfortunately, this rarely gets mentioned and discuss in Malaysia. In general, a lot of people ...

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2010 Lexus LS leaked brochure

We managed to get hold of the leaked JDM brochure of the 2010 Lexus LS ahead of its official launch from our reliable source. The visible changes made to the Lexus LS 460 and the gas-electric LS 600h include new front and rear bumpers and lights, turn signals integrated into the mirror housings, and of course, new set of wheels. Interior ...

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2010 Toyota Prius hit high demand in Japan

Toyota Prius hit a Higher-than-expected demand in Japan. To response to it, Toyota ramp up production of its third-generation Prius Hybrid. Toyota spokesman Hideaki Homma, told Bloomberg news in early June this year that the company has increased production to 50,000 Prius hybrids a month at its Tsutsumi factory and Toyota Auto Body Co.’s Fujimatsu plant. The 2010 Prius was ...

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Mazda wants hybrid drivetrains Line-up in 2010s

Mazda Motor Corp., a recent convert to hybrid technologies, now says it wants to put gasoline-electric drivetrains into its lineup in the next decade. And its hybrid powertrains will be on existing models, not hybrid-only nameplates. Executive Vice President Philip Spender said during the Japan launch of the Mazda3 that Mazda will not develop a standalone hybrid model but instead the ...

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Thai-assembled Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota have previewed the Toyota Camry Hybrid that will be assembled in Thailand. The Thai-assembled Camry Hybrid will be the first Camry Hybrid to be based on the Aurion-based Camry body. We are not sure whether the Thai-assembled Camry Hybrid will be having the same hybrid powertrain as the US model Camry,Which is the 2.4 liter Atkinson cycle 2AZ-FXE engine producing 147 ...

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