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Proton Saga Facelift 2011 Spy Shot – Undergoing Testing at Track

Previously, Proton indicated that the local automaker will be unveiling a facelift model at the KL International Motor Show 2010 at coming December. [singlepic id=4363 w=630 h= float=] Without hesitation, we are highly confident that the facelift model will be the 2011 Proton Saga. Moreover, we spotted the new facelift Proton Saga undergoing testing with mask on. [singlepic id=4364 w=630 h= float=] ...

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Proton Inspira undergoing final test at Proton Test Track

The overwhelming new Proton Inspira will be official launch on 10 November 2010.  This is probably the most anticipated car by Proton in years. [singlepic id=4356 w=630 h= float=] Just 5 more days to go and we found Proton is still putting the Inspira on the test track. We manage to get a few spied shot. [singlepic id=4357 w=630 h= ...

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Proton Recall Satria Neo & Gen2 2004-2008

Proton  recalls 16,000 cars over clock spring defect that has raised some safety concerns. The affected models are Proton Satria Neo and Proton Gen2 equipped with the auto-cruise function, manufactured between April, 2004 to June, 2008. In another words, most of the affected model are the H-Line models Auto models. What is Clock Spring? A Clock Spring  is located behind ...

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BHPetrol Infiniti Advanced2X for Ron 95 and 97

BHPetrol Malaysia has come out with 2 new petrol variant, and obviously claims to be better. Both petrol as sold as the same price as of the Malaysia’s market rate which, Rm1.85/litre for the Ron 95 version and Rm2.10/litre for the Ron 97 version. BHPetrol has added a new formulation, which they would like to call it Advanced Additive Compound(AAC) ...

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Heavy vehicles banned from highway 6.30-9.30am

You should not be able to see this scene during your way to work for those who travel using NKVE, NSE or FHR2 soon. Next Monday onwards ( August 2) our government has banned all heavy vehicle from using few of the busy stretches of the highways from morning 6.30am to 9.30am. This is said to ease the traffic congestion, ...

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