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Mugen Honda Civic Euro Concept 2012

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MUGEN has revealed their concept model for the Honda Civic Euro 2012 in England last week. The model is fitted with prototype body parts which consists of  front sports grille, front under spoiler, side spoiler, rear under spoiler, and a rear wing. All these are designed to give the standard Honda Civic Euro 2012 an additional of aerodynamic efficiency.


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The design that you see now for the Mugen Civic Euro will be a close to production one which scheduled to be launch end of this year in the Europe. The Mugen Civic Euro Concept will be equipped with 18″ Mugen GP forged alloy rim along with sports suspension. This setup it’s to improve driving stability. The MUGEN active gate brake system provides increased braking ability.


MUGEN as the renowned Honda tuner will improve the overall balance balance of acceleration, deceleration and cornering. The upcoming Mugen Civic Euro 2012 will have a sharper characteristic, controlled ride & handling.


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MUGEN did not forget the interior changes for the Euro Civic 2012. Mugen will use the latest addition of the MUGEN’s MS-R full bucket seat to give the driver & passenger full support and keep them securely in position in all condition. The seat, made with full0carbon shell clad and MUGEN’s unique fabric giving a performance-enhancing weight reduction. Check out the gallery below as we hope MUGEN will tune the new Asia’s version of 9th Generation Honda Civic.


Phot Gallery: Mugen Honda Civic Euro Concept 2012

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