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2011 Nissan Grand Livina Tuned by Impul Test Drive in Malaysia

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The first generation of Nissan Grand Livina was introduced back in December 2007. Recently, this compact MPV get its mid-life facelift back in June 2011 by Edaran Tan Chong Motor in Malaysia. Following the arrival of the facelift model of new Nissan Grand Livina, the Impul team has given a makeover to further refine the new Grand Livina. This masterpiece was unveiled at the Super GT International Series 2011 in Malaysia.


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We are fortunate to get our hands on the new Nissan Grand Livina Tuned by Impul 1.6 manual for a weekend drive. I must say the new black colour interior and revised aero-kit from Impul have made the new Grand Livina as one of the best looking revision. After all, I am glad that Nissan had finally responded to the public favour by replacing the beige colour interior with black colour. Instead of a plain compact people mover, it is now much sportier and sleeker than before.


In this review, I will be mainly focus on the 1.6L manual version.


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My first impression when I entered the car, I felt the new Grand Livina have totally changed my perception over it. Truthfully, I disliked cars with beige colour interior and thankfully this has been corrected with black colour. On the other hand, the background of the meter instruments is now in white colour instead of black. This applies across all current model of Grand Livina including the standard and Impul model. Don’t worry, your ordinary Grand Livina Tuned by Impul will not get signature from the founder of Impul – Kazuyoshi Hoshino on the dashboard.


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I took the key and crack up the engine, the sporty exhaust note from the Impul Blast 2 exhaust muffler caught my attention. I move the car out from the car park and join the usual KL traffic jam, I am so surprise for such a compact MPV is so easy to drive and manoeuvring around the city, thanks to the Electric Power Steering (EPS). The minimum turning radius is 5.2m (curb-to-curb), which is similar to the Perodua Alza. The manual gearstick is smooth and solid throughout the gear shifting comparing to some of its rival.


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After awhile of driving on the freeway, I can feel the suspension setup is slightly solid and the car handling is optimised with less body roll and pitch whenever I take corners and cruising at high speed. If there is a slalom competition for MPVs, I suppose this car is capable to find its position. 


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Technically, the upgraded Impul suspension is fine-tuned with a 25mm lowered ride height compare to the standard model. This makes the car having the height of any normal passenger car, which provides easy access on getting in and out of a car. The car is fitted with Impul Aura SX-10 17” alloy wheels wrapped with 205 45 R17 Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 Tyres. It does refine the limits and deliver more driving confidence to the driver. The Nissan Grand Livina Tuned by Impul prove my erroneous that such a compact MPV can also be a driver’s car.


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Based on the spec sheet, I found that the engine delivers the same power as the pre-facelift model. This 1.6-litre all-aluminium alloy engine (HR16DE) is an inline-4 DOHC 16v engine with drive-by-wire technology that churning 105PS @ 5,200rpm with a torque of 150Nm @ 4,400rpm. This car is unquestionably compatible with RON95 unleaded fuel since the compression ratio of the engine is only 9.8:1.


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Don’t misjudge the Nissan Grand Livina by its size and engine capacity. The car is practically responsive at its class but I found that the gear ratio of the manual transmission is refined to its purpose as MPVs, which you won’t feel the car is dragging or struggle to move. It may be due to the improvement by the Impul Blast 2 exhaust muffler. However, the consequences lead to higher engine RPMs when cruising at high-speed. The engine RPM runs at 3,000 delivers speed not more than 100km/h (approximately 98km/h) on 5th gear. On the fuel consumption, we are able to clock it average 11.5km per litre for city driving, which I think is pretty standard for 1.6 engines similar to my previous ride – Proton Waja 1.6 manual. But I know it can be better with more discipline driving behaviour.


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For safety purpose, all Grand Livina is fitted with Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist System (BA) and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). The braking pedal is easy to step on (thanks to the brake assist system) and it does help me to stop effectively and safely during my test (with the EBD and ABS). There are two SRS Airbags for frontal collisions: driver and front passenger.


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With all the goodies from Impul, this model is offered at a cost of only RM 10,700.00 extra (including 1.6 M/T, 1,6 A/T and 1.8 A/T) above the standard Grand Livina. The new Nissan Grand Livina Tuned by Impul comes with a 3-year or 100,000km warranty as well. According to ETCM, the new Impul performance parts will also be available for existing Nissan Grand Livina owners to purchase and upgrade.


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^ Impul side sticker is not included


In conclusion, I think this Grand Livina Tuned by Impul is definitely a practical car for individual that is seeking for a combination of sportier ride as well as practicality. The driving experience is effortless just like any ordinary sedan. The overall ride comfort and control is possibly one of the best on its class.  If you were to ask me, I will recommend this car to the folks despite of budget that are out there considering a Perodua Alza, Proton Exora, Toyota Avanza or even a Toyota Innova.


Price of Nissan Grand Livina Tuned by Impul in Peninsular Malaysia (Private Individual)
• 1.6 M/T – RM 97,500.00
• 1.6 A/T – RM 100,500.00
• 1.8 A/T – RM 109,500.00


These four colours are exclusive only to the Nissan Grand Livina Tuned by Impul
• Tungsten Silver
• Sapphire Black
• Brilliant White
• Twilight Grey


• Better handling and control
• Black colour interior just simply BETTER!!
• Redesigned Impul aerodynamic kit makes the car looks much SUPERIOR!!
• Practical compact MPVs with 7 seats


• The Impul Blast 2 exhaust muffler can be a little loud for some individual
• Basic with no fancy features like auto wiper sensor, auto headlamp sensor and auto climate control


Impul Tune-up Pack (Summary)
– Impul Sports Suspension System with a 25mm Lowered Ride Height*
– Impul Aura SX-10 17” Alloy Wheels Wrapped with Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 Tyres (previously on Dunlop Formula D 01)**
– Impul Blast 2 Stainless Steel Exhaust Muffler*
– Impul Aerokit (front spoilers, side skirts, rear spoilers and rear wing spoiler) and New Front Grille with New Impul Logo*


* The aerokit, suspension, exhaust muffler are licensed by Impul to be manufactured in Malaysia.
** Impul Aura SX-10 alloy wheels are imported directly from Japan 


Photo Gallery: 2011 Nissan Grand Livina Facelift Malaysia

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