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Honda Jazz Facelift 2011, Hybrid on Sale


Honda has released a huge gallery of photos of its the new Honda Jazz facelift as well as the Honda Jazz Hybrid carrying this facelift model. Although it is said that this would be only reflect for the European-Spec Jazz. We strongly believe that, the JDM ( Japanese Domestic Model) that we get usually will be likely to look similar as we reported earlier that the JDM Honda Jazz will be released in March 2011.

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At first glance is hard to catch the differences when compare to the current model this is because the facelift Honda Jazz has implemented the design cue from the Honda City at the front bumper. When you compare 2 Jazz side by side, you will see the differences. The front grille also has been updated following the new Honda theme design. The roof of the new Honda Jazz has been painted in black as well.

6022  630xfloat=center 14738 honda jazz Honda Jazz Facelift 2011, Hybrid on Sale

From the rear, there some updates on the lower part of the rear bumper. Another changes would the rear lights following the similar design of the New Honda Civic for the U.S that we reported earlier. Depending on the variant of the Honda Jazz, there could be some of the accessories differences such as the chrome side mirror, rims and etc might be different.

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Another highlight to this report would the the Honda Jazz Hybrid going on sale. Honda claims the Jazz Hybrid is the first B-segment petrol car fitted with along with and electric motor. The plus point to this is actually, Honda does it without sacrificing the cabin and luggage space. The electronic components are mounted below the boot floor. The engine used in the Jazz Hybrid is the same engine that can be found in the Honda Insight which is 1.3 liter engine with IMA ( Integrated Motor Assist) technology that produces 102HP with the help of the electric motor. Same as the Insight it is mated with a CVT gearbox to provide better fuel efficiency and smoother drive. 0-100 times in 12.6 second and a max speed of 177km/h. Fuel economy wise, it is only consuming 4.5 liter per 100 km.



5987  630xfloat=center 14309 jazz hybrid Honda Jazz Facelift 2011, Hybrid on Sale

The outlook of the Honda Jazz hybrid differs from the normal petrol version of Jazz. The Jazz Hybrid features a transparent like grille and a more unique design on the rear head lights.

6008  630xfloat=center 14469 jazz hybrid Honda Jazz Facelift 2011, Hybrid on Sale

Inside, the new Honda Jazz ( whether is normal or hybrid) is updated with a darker colour theme to contrast blue lighting of the instrument panel and center console. Currently for the European Spec Honda Jazz, the CVT gearbox is available again for the automatic transmission and the suspension has been updated as well.