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2011 Toyota Vitz in Japan (exclusive)


5917  630xfloat= img 9826 2011 Toyota Vitz in Japan (exclusive)

The third generation of Toyota Vitz (which also called as Toyota Yaris in other region) was launched on December 22, 2010 in Yokohama, Japan. The codename of the new Vitz/Yaris (XP130) is the all-new model which replacing the outgoing second generation (XP90) Vitz/Yaris. It will be launched in Europe and other region by the end of 2011.


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FastMotoring crew makes it way to Tokyo to check out the latest Vitz/Yaris to keep our readers updated. The aerodynamic drag of the new Vitz has been reduced with a co-efficient drag value of 0.285.


The car remained having 3-door and 5-door hatchback with 1.0L (1KR-FE I3), 1.3L (1NR-FE I4) and 1.5L engine (1NZ-FE I4). In total, there are 4 major sub-variants of Vitz offered for the Japan Domestic Market (JDM). For the F, U and Jewela, it comes with 1.0L, 1.3L and 1.5L engine options mated with 5-speed manual or CVT automatic transmission, and drive-train options of 2WD (FF) and 4WD. For the RS model, only 1.5L engine mated with manual or CVT transmission on 2WD (FF).


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This new generation of Vitz/Yaris introduces a new 1.3L engine which is more economical than the 1.0L engine. According to Toyota Japan, the automaker claiming a 26.5 km/Litre tested in Japan with the Toyota Stop & Start System (SmartStop) on the 2WD(FF) 1.3L Dual VVT-i engine – F’ variant . In addition, the response of the Toyota Stop & Start System (SmartStop) takes only 0.35 seconds from stop to start.


5918  630xfloat= img 9827 2011 Toyota Vitz in Japan (exclusive)


Fuel efficiency on other variants as below:-


1.0L – 23.0km/Litre

1.3L – 2WD – 24.0km/Litre
4WD – 19.0km/Litre

1.5L – 2WD (CVT) – 20km/Litre
2WD (Manual) – 18.0km/Litre


Overall size wise, the new Vitz/Yaris had grown bigger in length (149in vs 153in) and width (66.7in vs 67in) but lower in height (60.2in vs 59in).


This model will be likely the version of the all-new Yaris in Malaysia if UMW Toyota happen to market it again. However, you would be expecting a rendition of the new Toyota Yaris (XP130) to morph to a more South East Asia preferences of a budget sedan in the next generation of Toyota Vios.


The retail selling price of the 2011 Toyota Vitz in Japan starts from ¥ 1,195,000 to ¥ 1,790,000 which is equivalent from RM 45,410 to RM 68,020. The third generation of Toyota Vitz/Yaris (XP130) shall be targeted to make its debut to South East Asia by end of 2011.


Photo Gallery: 2011 Toyota Vitz (JDM) in Tokyo, Japan