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Proton Inspira 1.8L Test Drive Review Impression


We’ve posted the Proton Inspira 2.0L version earlier and make some review on it and we went back to check out the 1.8L Inspira as well and some test drive.

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First impression, the 1.8L Inspira is obviously have lower specification than the 2.0L model. From the front – easily noticeable, there isn’t any bodykit fitted with it. Without further inspecting the car, we went for a test drive and see how it drives.

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We were told that Proton Inspira is tuned with Lotus handling, so we went fast into some corners and did some snake moves on the straight. We feel that the Proton Inspira ride is comfortable , the car have no problem absorbing bumps caused by uneven roads. The Inspira also has sufficient among of grip, the problem is we feel that there’s some amount of body roll with this setup as well as the driver doesn’t not get enough feedback from the car. Later we scan through the brochures to find “Lotus Handling” but what we found was only “Proton Ride & Handling”.


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Other than that, we got no complains on the 1.8L MIVEC engine’s power mated with the CVT gearbox. The 1.8L Inspira will have less gadgets for the driver to play with. First to start off, there’s no paddle shift on the steering wheel, no cruise control, no auto light sensor and no rain sensor which all these are features in the 2.0L Inspira.

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We also notice that the trim of the dashboard for the Proton Inspira 1.8L are different than the ones in the 2.0L. We actually prefer the one in the 1.8L Inspira of is Carbon-Fibre like effect. There’s also no fully auto aircond control on the 1.8L version and the dials of the air con controls are not in chrome and feels cheap.

[singlepic id=4576 w=315 h= float=center] [singlepic id=4572 w=315 h= float=center]

Proton Inspira 1.8L or rather known as executive version has all fabric seats. Usually we do not have much comments on fabric seats but we try sitting on the rear seats and it feels too soft. We can feel the metal frame of the car with our buttocks sitting on the rear seats. We did not find this issue on the 2.0L Premium Inspira version.

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Lastly, from the rear of the Proton Inspira Executive , you do not get the boot lip, the chrome stripe the rear bodykit and of  course the 2.0 P badge.


Our conclusion for the Proton Inspira Executive would be a good option for a day to day basis car. There’s no much of “Lotus Spirited” Handling in the Inspira, on the other side the Proton Inspira actually gives and good, quiet, comfort ride when cruising on the road – I guess that’s what they call “Proton Ride & Handling”.  The 1.8L Proton Inspira is sufficient to cruise in town and up hills as well. With a similar price on the 1.8L Inspira – the Naza Kia Forte’s Interior is better however the Forte has only a 1.6L engine compare Inspira’s 1.8L. With this note i wish to end this article with,


Proton Inspira – Smart guys get it, dumb guys gets …………….  Well, you fill in the spaces.


Model Price – On The Road
1.8 MT Executive Solid Colour RM 78,549.00
1.8 MT Executive Metalic Colour RM 78,999.00
1.8 AT(CVT) Executive Soild Colour RM 84,549.00
1.8 AT(CVT) Executive Metalic Colour RM 84,999.00
2.0 AT(CVT) Premium Solid Colour RM 91,549.00
2.0 AT(CVT) Premium Metalic Colour RM 91,999.00
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