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Proton Exora 25th Anniversary Edition – 25 Limited Units


This is a very special edition of Proton Exora. Only 25 limited units are built. This Exora symbolised the 25 years of Proton from 1985-2010. Named as Proton Exora 25th Anniversary Edition, the Exora is an icon from Proton to it’s supporter. The 25th Anniversary Edition Exora are equipped with uniqueness inside-out when compare to a normal Proton Exora.

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All 25 unit of this anniversary edition of Exora is painted with Pearl White colour, only exclusive for these units. The front of Exora is painted with black from the middle grille down towards the bumper. The headlights are fitted with black painted parts and fitted with the same bodykit and chrome finish on the fog light similar to the New Exora we reported earlier, the Exora definitely looks more sporty. The rims of the 25th Anniversary Edition Exora are different as well.

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Inspired by a tiger as what Proton logo represents too, the Exora is fitted with a tiger striped line sticker from front to back, ending with Proton’s 25 anniversary graphic. The rear cover is also painted with black. The roof of this Exora is  painted black  from front until the rear spoiler. Above the rear car number plate is a hidden reverse camera, which is viewable from the front center console.

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Inside, Proton gave the 25th Anniversary Exora an upgrade to a luxury class MPV feel. The standard audio console has been replaced with touch screen LCD which will show the reverse camera, GPS, and videos from USB or your CD/DVD. We immediately notice the brown leather seats and interior which are fitted on it. The quality of the leather seats are premium class, similar to those in BMW or Mercedes Benz. The middle row has been replace with 2 individual seats for better comfort. Two LCD are mounted behind the headrest – one on the front passenger seat and one of the front driver seat. The Two LCD will gave the rear passengers personalised entertainment.

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The 25th Anniversary of Proton logo are everywhere on this special edition of Exora. There’s one emblem on the rear cover, even the car plate frame it’s also printed with it the 25th Anniversary wordings. Inside, the leather seats are embossed with 25 years logo on the headrest. The car mats of the Exora are also specially made with an emblem of the 25th Anniversary of Proton Logo. With all these extra and premiums and the limits units, you will need about RM15,000 more than a standard high line Proton Exora – which totals to RM91,998 with insurance. If you really like this limited edition Proton Exora, we suggest you to head to Proton Centre of Excellence showroom along KESAS highway soon as they are already starting to accept bookings for this.

Enjoy the gallery below for Proton Exora 25th Anniversary joint by 2 other Proton Models.

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