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Mazda 2 Malaysia Review Hatchback

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Voted as World Car of the Year 2008 – Mazda 2 has finally arrived to Malaysia. The Mazda 2 2010 which is already in local Mazda showrooms it’s a face lifted model. So we assume it suppose to be better than the World Car of the Year 2008. The car we will be talking about here it’s close to a R-Spec ( High Spec) Mazda 2 Hatchback which will be called as Mazda 2 Sport by Bermaz. This unit here it’s a demo unit with Thailand spec that has keyless entry and wrap with leather seat and other upgraded details.

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The facelift version we are getting as Malaysia’s Mazda 2 has inherit the smiley front fascia of it’s zoom-zoom brothers, mazda 3,mazda 6, or mazda rx-8 and etc. The Mazda 2 front headlamp has been redesign with black background. Foglights are available in the Mazda 2 R-Spec models but not available in V-Spec Mazda 2.


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From the rear we can see Mazda has redesign the rear lights for the new facelift Mazda 2. If you are interested how does the old Mazda 2 look like you can check out our post here as we posted some comparison photos for your viewing earlier. All Mazda 2 models in Malaysia will be imported from Thailand(CBU).

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Malaysia Mazda 2 is powered by MZR 1.5 inline,4-cylinder,DOHC 16 valve engine which  produces 103hp at 6000 rpm and 135Nm of torque at 4000 rpm. This engine key features the Sequential valve timing (S-VT ) system, a Tumble Swirl Control Valves(TSVs) in the manifold and a drive by wire electronic control throttle for better response.


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This unit of Mazda 2 here is upgraded with locally customize leather seats and door trim.

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The Side Mirrors of Mazda 2 can be electronic control. However this particular unit of Mazda 2 it’s electronically foldable if you notice the buttons in the photo. Update : Malaysia version of Mazda 2 does not get electronically folable side mirrors. You need to fold yourself.

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The audio system panel for this unit has been wrap with carbon fiber looking materials. The Steering wheels of Mazda 2 also contains controls towards the audio system. Of course with the Electric power assist steering it is capable to do a minimum turning ratio of 4.9 meters. The 4-speed auto  gearbox has been place into a easy reach position.

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The Mazda 2 audio system supports CD/MP3 and a Aux in jack is provided to plug-in any external audio device such as mp3,ipod and etc. Update : Our reader, “boingz” notice that there’s 6 disc changer in these photos, however the Malaysia version of Mazda 2 do not get 6 disc changer, instead just a standard 1 disc player.

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Mazda 2 hatchback has adequate space to fit 5 normal size adult comfortability as compare among it’s rivals such as Toyota Vios,Suzuki Swift or Honda Jazz. ( I think Jazz is the most spacious among all).

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Despite being a hatchback, Mazda 2 hatchback has 250 litre of boot space capacity for luggage. The unit here it’s a Silver Colour as Mazda Colour Code it is a Highlight Silver Metallic (18G).Colours available in Malaysia for Mazda 2 Hatchback are,

– Spirited Green
– True Red
– Highlight Silver
– Metropolitan Grey
– Black Mica
– Aurora Blue

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Only the Mazda 2 Hatchback R Spec ( high spec) is fitted with sport bodykit.The Mazda 2 has been design with aerodynamic elements. As Mazda claims the aerodynamic of Mazda 2 is superior, with a coefficient drag of 0.30. Mada 2 incorporate Mazda Triple H, ultra-high tensile steel body shell for lighter weight, which equivalent to better performance and better fuel efficient and safer chassis. As Mazda claim it’s fuel consumption it’s about 6.8 litres/100km.

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The Mazda 2 comes with standard dual SRS front air bags and ABS . As the picture  shown a normal sized glove box in the Mazda 2. Update : EBD(Electronic Brake-force Distribution) is not available in our local unit.

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Unlike Mazda 3, the Mazda 2 side signal is on the fender rather than side mirror.

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The rims on the Mazda 2 are 15″ on the V-spec and 16″ on the R-Spec. All Mazda 2 models are equipped with front Disc Brakes and Rear Drum Brakes.


As summary Mazda 2 R Spec hatchback goes for RM85,189.50 on the road with insurance, while Mazda 2 V Spec hatchback goes for RM82,11.50 with a 3 Year / 100,000Km warranty. As claims, this is on a promotion price for the first 500 unit. There might be adjustment on the price after this. Mainly, the difference on Mazda 2 R Spec and V Spec for Hatchback models are,

– Front Fog lamps
– Black Front Grille Colour
– 16 “Rims
– Sport bodykit


These items are not available on Mazda 2 V Spec which is the lower spec.

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**Special Thanks to Alice Chin as Bermaz Federal Higher Showroom’s Sales Adviser for providing us photos and information the car. Should you have any enquiry about Mazda 2 you may Contact,


Ms. Alice Chin
H/p :012-3366223
Email: [email protected]


Click here to download Mazda 2 Sedan & Hatch Brochure & Pricelist


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