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Honda CR-V Malaysia Facelift – 11 March 2010


Honda CR-V Malaysia FaceliftHonda Malaysia is teasing their all-new Honda CR-V for 2010 facelift. It it set to launch at 11 of March 2010.  The above picture is extracted from Honda Malaysia website. As we are getting the Japanese version of Honda vehicles. We’ve prepare some of the pictures and info about what you would expect to see for the Honda CR-V facelift.

[singlepic id=378 w=630 h=473 float=center]

Only those who notice Honda CR-V often will notice the changes on the New Honda CR-V 2010. I had to compare the new facelift Honda CR-V photos and the old one side by side to catch a few differences. The facelifted Honda CR-V includes a larger upper grille with lesser chorme trim and a slight reshaped bumper. Try to notice the foglights area.

[singlepic id=381 w=630 h=473 float=center]

As for the Rear for the Honda CR-V facelift, you might want to notice the bumper on the red reflector area.


We  did not provide the interior of the Honda CR-V facelift because the specification in Malaysia and Japanese will be different. However, some other country that has already receive this facelifted Honda CR-V seems to have upgraded fabrics and plastics and a new audio console design.


The Current or Old Honda CR-V, for your comparison.

[singlepic id=383 w=630 h=473 float=center]

We will gather the full details of the Honda CR-V Facelift in Malaysia 2010 after the launch and update you guys.Stay tuned!

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