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Toyota Prius 3rd Gen. review by Fifth Gear


Before the lauching of Toyota Prius on our roads, and while other automakers have yet to even develop a gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle, Toyota is already on its third generation of the Prius. This four-door hybrid has become a hit with consumers because of its stunning fuel economy, uncompromised driving pleasure and acceleration performance.

With the redesigned third-generation, Toyota has fixed almost every complaint that was ever lobbed at the Prius. The good news is, UMW Toyota will be targeting to launch this Prius in this October and several shots are taken by our crew near UMW Toyota HQ.

Toyota’s engineers redeveloped more than 90 percent of the Hybrid Synergy Drive components. A brand new 1.8-litre engine replaces the previous 1.5-litre engine for more low-end torque. The all-new transaxle is lighter and reduces torque losses by 20 percent. Both the NiMH battery and Power Control Unit are more compact and powerful, and finally, a set of three switches on the console lets the driver choose among EV (electric only at 25 mph for up to a mile), ECO and POWER modes to custom tailor the drivetrain’s response to changing driving conditions.

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