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Third Petrol Station with RON 95 in Malaysia by Petronas Dagangan


Since May 2009, there are two Petronas stations at Putrajaya offering the RON 95 Unleaded. Petronas launching third petrol station in Malaysia that sell Primax 95 at the Petronas station at the Middle Ring Road 2 in Kepong on last Tuesday. In addition, the Petronas station in Kepong was also the first Petronas station in Kuala Lumpur.


Currently in Malaysia, Petronas is the only company offering RON 95 for now. The new petrol grade is priced at RM1.75 per litre.

During the launch event at Middle Ring Road 2 in Kepong, Petronas Dagangan Senior General Manager from the Retail Business division mentioned that PDB predict that by the time RON 95 is available nationwide on 1st of September 2009, there will be more people switching to RON 95 Unleaded.