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Official Preview of Mazda 3 Sport in Malaysia


We got the official invitation for the Official Preview of Mazda 3 Sport in Malaysia by Bermaz. So, we will get you all cover on this all-new Mazda 3 that CBU from Japan before it reaches the showroom for your view.

We reach Berjaya Times Square about 2.45pm and we were hungry – after registering and taking a few shots below..we went to the opposite KFC.

The Mazda 3 Sport is covered up…

Mazda 3 Launch

Mazda 3 2010 Launch


Mazda Zoom Zoom

The Stage.

About 3.15pm, the mazda person who invited us – rang us, notifying us that the car gonna be unveil real soon..we immediately rush to the launching area..our heart was beating quickly as the beat goes for the All new Mazda 3 2010 to be unveiled.

Mazda 3 Times Square

Madza 3 Red Launch

There’s some hip-hop dancing going on the stage and the about 3.30pm, the dancers came down from the stage an unveil the all new Mazda 3 Sport in a “stunning” Velocity Red paint.

Mazda 3 Tengku

Bermaz has invited the guest of honour – Tengku Mahkota of Pahang.

Mazda 3 2.0 Tengku

Tengku is inspecting the Mazda 3 Sport 2.0

Mazda 3 Trunk Tengku

Tengku checking out the trunk.

Mazda 3 Red

Simply happy Sport Sedan…

Mazda 3 Tengku F1

Moving on, Shell was there to join the launch at a corner with some Shell babes. I guess Shell is having partnership with Bermaz as all Bermaz service centre using shell isn’t it ?

Mazda 3 F1

Tengku is checking out the Shell Helix section and jump up for a round of F1 Simulation.

Mazda 3 Launch F1

Mazda 3 Sport

Mazda 3 Sport… the ‘Sport’ is a sticker that added locally.

Mazda 3 Front

The bar on the nose of the localised Mazda 3 has been re-painted with body color to make it a little more serious.

Mazda 3 Lights

Auto-leveling HID lamp for the 2.0 only.

Mazda 3 Spoiler

Upclose on the nose of the car.

Mazda 3 AFS

Mazda 3 Wheel

Fitted with Toyo tyres (205 45 R17)… unlike Civic that fitted with 215 45 R17.

Mazda 3 Rear

Mazda 3 Front Lights

Multi-function steering wheel

Mazda 3 Badge

CBU… Made in Japan

Mazda 3 2.0

Next! We will be arranging a test drive session for FastMotoring to cover the First-Drive Review for both 1.6 & 2.0.

Come back to check with us on the comparison between 1.6 and 2.0 model of all-new Mazda 3 Sport and for more photos of the lauching event.

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