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Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Honda City Mugen Limited Edition

Honda City Mugen

Mugen City Limited Edition, first glance you may think this is an after-market product. However, this is actual the production model of actul Mugen City limited edition. While it may not get a featured in Mugen’s official website, it is a limited edition done by Honda Philippines. Only available in Philippines, this Honda City based Mugen limited edition with Mugen parts are only available for a very limited of 20 units.

 The front will be fitted with unique Mugen front sports grille, front bodykit along with the side spoiler. These 20 units will be only available in white. No Mugen performance parts on engine nor brakes or exhaust are installed.

Mugen Honda City Rear

The Mugen Honda City will be fitted rear body kit with diffuser design and rear wing spoiler that resembles the Type R spoiler. Honda Philippines said this limited edition,

“will enhances the ownership experience by being equipped with original genuine MUGEN accessories ;  enhance the already sporty design of the standard City model and make it stand out on the road. The City MUGEN Limited Edition under the concept “SUPERLATIVE ACTIVE SPORTS” produced to emphasize the specific characteristics of the City, “Stream line design” and “Nimble handling” with the aero dynamic parts seek to satisfy the sporty taste and excellently designed to meet the customer’s desire for ultimate style and performance.”

It is good to know there is a Mugen Honda City existence. However this is not available in Malaysia, our only option would be sourcing from aftermarket’s Mugen Honda City Bodykit.

Mugen Honda Civic Euro Concept 2012



MUGEN has revealed their concept model for the Honda Civic Euro 2012 in England last week. The model is fitted with prototype body parts which consists of  front sports grille, front under spoiler, side spoiler, rear under spoiler, and a rear wing. All these are designed to give the standard Honda Civic Euro 2012 an additional of aerodynamic efficiency.


fr rr


The design that you see now for the Mugen Civic Euro will be a close to production one which scheduled to be launch end of this year in the Europe. The Mugen Civic Euro Concept will be equipped with 18″ Mugen GP forged alloy rim along with sports suspension. This setup it’s to improve driving stability. The MUGEN active gate brake system provides increased braking ability.


MUGEN as the renowned Honda tuner will improve the overall balance balance of acceleration, deceleration and cornering. The upcoming Mugen Civic Euro 2012 will have a sharper characteristic, controlled ride & handling.


2012-mugen-civic-concept-20 ms-r1


MUGEN did not forget the interior changes for the Euro Civic 2012. Mugen will use the latest addition of the MUGEN’s MS-R full bucket seat to give the driver & passenger full support and keep them securely in position in all condition. The seat, made with full0carbon shell clad and MUGEN’s unique fabric giving a performance-enhancing weight reduction. Check out the gallery below as we hope MUGEN will tune the new Asia’s version of 9th Generation Honda Civic.


Phot Gallery: Mugen Honda Civic Euro Concept 2012

2012 Mugen Honda Fit Shuttle

Recently, we heard many opinions on the appearance and styling of the new JDM Honda Fit Shuttle. In order to make the Fit Shuttle looks better, Mugen introduced a series of styling and performance parts for this line-up.


7984  630xfloat= mugencarscoopfitshuttle 1 2012 Mugen Honda Fit Shuttle  


The Mugen Fit Shuttle styling set includes a front bumper with optional LED fog lights, a front sports grille with an illuminated Hybrid’ logo, side spoiler, a rear under spoiler and a roof wing spoiler. The mini-MPV’s looks can be further enhanced with Mugen ventilated visor, hydrophilic side mirror, and carbon number plate garnish. Moreover, there a choice of 15 or 16 inch alloy wheels in several designs from Mugen for the Fit Shuttle.


For interior, the options are limited to a door sign light, a carbon room mirror cover and two-tone floor mats. For performance enhancement, Mugen also offers a sport exhaust system, a lowered suspension kit, high-performance brakes, high pressure radiator cap, oil filters and air filters.


Check out the photos on the below for the latest Mugen Fit Shuttle.


Photo Gallery: 2012 Mugen Honda Fit Shuttle

Honda CR-Z Mugen Supercharged Photo Released

7514  630xfloat= 1mugen crz Honda CR Z Mugen Supercharged Photo Released

Honda and Mugen has released some initial photo of the Honda CR-Z Mugen Edition. The engine will be a 1.5 Liter with electric motor assist like the one found in a standard Honda CR-Z model, but equipped with a supercharger. The result is 197hp and 181 of torque. There’s weight reduction of 50kg from the chasis itself.

7516  630xfloat= 3mugen crz Honda CR Z Mugen Supercharged Photo Released

According to press release a humble mid tuning engine has given the Mugen CR-Z Supercharged a 0-100km/h time on par with the Honda Civic Type R – that should be around 6 seconds. Best of all from this Honda’s High performance hybrid car, Honda are able to do 4.7 L/100KM on normal drive mode and 7.84 L/100KM on the a special MUGEN mode that it is assume to be the sports mode. Only 3 images has been released this time, the actual Honda Mugen CR-Z Supercharged will be unveil in Goodwood Festival of Speed on 2 months time.

Honda CR-Z Mugen one-off prototype for Goodwood Festival of Speed

7501  630xfloat= 01 mugen honda cr z Honda CR Z Mugen one off prototype for Goodwood Festival of Speed

The concept car of the Honda CR-Z Mugen will be revealed in July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. This car is tuned by the Europe’s Mugen Division. It will be using a supercharger to deliver over 50% more power and torque from the Honda’s IMA drivetrain. Unfortunately, this CR-Z MUGEN is being developed purely as a one-off prototype, with no plans for a production version at this stage.


7504  630xfloat= 04 mugen crz Honda CR Z Mugen one off prototype for Goodwood Festival of Speed

This Honda CR-Z Mugen is expected to produce around 200PS, and 181lb.ft of torque. The car retains the Honda IMA electric motor and the original 1.5-litre i-VTEC petrol engine, which has been rebuilt to MUGEN specification with bespoke upgraded and strengthened internal components.


In order to give a fully integrated and smooth power delivery, MUGEN Euro has developed the MUGEN iCF system, which allows all the elements of the electro-mechanical system to work in harmony.


The idea was to use the significant advantage of the early torque provided by the Honda IMA electric motor, then increase the torque available from the petrol engine gradually, to first maintain and then increase this, says Colin Whittamore from MUGEN Euro. A supercharger and complementary electronics allow us to very neatly map the IMA to the extra power and torque of the engine in a unique package, giving a smooth, integrated and powerful driving experience.


As well as improvements under the bonnet, MUGEN has used its extensive motorsport and Honda tuning experience to further develop the chassis dynamics, with 5-step adjustable dampers fitted front and rear, an increase in track width and a large reduction in overall weight.


With performance enhanced, a bigger brake discs and 4-pot monobloc callipers are in-place. And a set of 17-inch forged alloy MUGEN GP wheels fitted on this hybrid hatchback.


Of course, the Mugen CR-Z gets some decorative enhancements in the form of MUGEN body parts, including front and rear under spoilers, side skirts and a rear wing. We are looking forward this in Goodwood debut.


Photo Gallery: Mugen Honda CR-Z Sketches