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Honda CR-Z Mugen Supercharged Photo Released


7514  630xfloat= 1mugen crz Honda CR Z Mugen Supercharged Photo Released

Honda and Mugen has released some initial photo of the Honda CR-Z Mugen Edition. The engine will be a 1.5 Liter with electric motor assist like the one found in a standard Honda CR-Z model, but equipped with a supercharger. The result is 197hp and 181 of torque. There’s weight reduction of 50kg from the chasis itself.

7516  630xfloat= 3mugen crz Honda CR Z Mugen Supercharged Photo Released

According to press release a humble mid tuning engine has given the Mugen CR-Z Supercharged a 0-100km/h time on par with the Honda Civic Type R – that should be around 6 seconds. Best of all from this Honda’s High performance hybrid car, Honda are able to do 4.7 L/100KM on normal drive mode and 7.84 L/100KM on the a special MUGEN mode that it is assume to be the sports mode. Only 3 images has been released this time, the actual Honda Mugen CR-Z Supercharged will be unveil in Goodwood Festival of Speed on 2 months time.