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how to research trends But is the only place you find cashmere wool coat from Kashmir? Not at all, although the origins of the word came from the Kashmir area from the Persian times, we are fortunate that many other locations are now producing cashmere. One in particular is in Inner Mongolia, northern China. This area is the biggest producer of cashmere goats in the wool. Vary the pressure when working with color to give the sketch shadows and highlights. Never mind coloring outside the lines, because neatness in drawing doesn count much compared with the tangible creation that results from the idea. Some designers even purposefully color outside the outline, making the sketch more artistic and abstract. Many films of the 1940s centered on the trials and tribulations of the brave men and women fighting for freedom in Europe and the Pacific. In order to express its support for the hardships and rations endured during the War by regular citizens, Hollywood created simple and subdued costumes during this period. Women dressed in simple suits or slacks with sensible shoes. Batman Forever Return of Swamp Thing (Truly bad but I couldn make a strong enough case to call it a superhero film) Elektra Meteor Man (This film almost made my list but I left if off since it is mainly a spoof) Ghost Rider Dick Tracy And finally, I have to mention one film that was excluded that perhaps deserves the number one spot and that the 1994 Fantastic Four film that was never released theatrically or on video although it been heavily bootlegged. Intending it to be a $40 big budget film, the producer, Neu Constantin was about to lose his rights to the film and had to produce something. He hired director Roger Corman to make the film but not for $40 million. Matchy Matchy doesn't always work in the fashion world because sometimes you have to mix and match your outfits along with a little color. With the rules of wearing white after labor day doesn't really apply anymore. In fashion, you'll need to take certain risks without being afraid to strut your stuff in those outfits that you own. Are you one of those people that know exactly what you want but you have trouble finding it. Try looking for it on Ebay. You will be shocked to find exactly what you are looking for in a very reasonable price. Should petite women buy, tweak, or skip the animal influences trend for fall/winter 2010/2011? I say tweak on this fall fashion trend. Furs, whether real or faux, tend to be quite bulky, so petite women should wear them with care. For example, a fur lined hood may work better than a full length fur coat.
Wednesday, April 1, 2015
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Formula 1

Security Guard Asks Lewis Hamilton for Gate Pass @ 2014 Melbourne GP

Something is wrong with this security guard. Maybe, he thinks somebody is wearing the racing suit with a helmet as an outfit and pretends to be Lewis Hamilton? Or this is a dress up party?

Security Guard: Do you have your pass?
Lewis Hamilton: I’m a driver!!

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT and C63 AMG Estate for 2013 F1 Grand Prix

In the new 2013 F1 season, Mercedes-AMG deployed the SLS AMG GT with 591hp and the C63 AMG Estate with 487hp at the direction of Race Control officials usually when weather or incidents are considered to impact on the safety of a race. The two AMG high-performance cars had their first appearance at the opening race of the F1 season in Melbourne last weekend for 2013 F1 ROLEX Australian GP. The 2nd race of the F1 season, the 2013 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix will take place this weekend.

Mercedes-Benz; SLS AMG Safety Car; 2013

The main reasons for intervention by the Safety Car are poor weather conditions or accidents. The Official F1 Safety Car is driven by Bernd Mayländer from Germany and his co-driver, the FIA‑employee Pete Tibbetts from Great Britain.

Bernd Mayländer: “We are on standby in the pit lane in the Official F1 Safety Car, waiting for a radio message from Race Control.” When the need arises, the aim is to guide the field safely around the track until the danger no longer exists. The racing driver from Schorndorf has been the official driver of the Safety Car for the FIA since 2000. As a former DTM driver he is also active as an instructor for the AMG Driving Academy and as a Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador at selected events.

Nissan Urvan and Nissan Serena For Infiniti Red Bull Racing at Malaysian F1 GP

As part of domestic hospitality and support, 6 units of Nissan Urvans and 2 units of Nissan Serenas are affixed with Infiniti Red Bull Racing logos to provide the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team transportation support for 8 consecutive days (18th – 25th March 2013) to ferry their equipments and staffs at the F1 Grand Prix in Malaysia.

2013 F1 Malaysia Red Bull Racing Support Vehicles

Dato’ Dr. Ang Bon Beng, Executive Director of Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) commented, “We are pleased to offer our Nissan Urvans and Serenas to the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team for smooth logistic operations at the Grand Prix in Sepang. This will also support their challenge to compete in the Malaysian Formula One race.”

“We believe the versatility and superior convenience of the Nissan Urvans and Serenas will provide reliable support for the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team. We are glad to be able to associate ourselves with their rigorous standards and performance required by Formula One,” he added.

Nissan Urvan for 2013 F1 Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Christian Horner, Team Principal, Infiniti Red Bull Racing, commented, “Our first year of partnership with Nissan LCV has brought significant benefits to our team and demonstrated the value of working with the right commercial vehicle partner. One of the biggest challenges we face is managing the logistically complex operations of transporting people and equipment, and as we head into 2013 we are delighted to keep working with Nissan LCV”.

Malaysian Infiniti Owners Convoy With David Coulthard, Infiniti Red Bull Racing Ambassador

The Malaysia Grand Prix season is back for 2013. Before the race in the second venue starts, Infiniti Red Bull Racing and former F1 driver David Coulthard gave local Infiniti owners a truly special experience today in Kuala Lumpur.

Infiniti Red Bull Racing 2013 Malaysia

During the event, the 13-time Formula One Grand Prix winner gave insights into the life of a Formula One driver and took owners closer than ever to Formula One with a sneak peak at the workings behind the scenes of Infiniti Red Bull Racing. He shared his experience in performance driving and the importance of not just speed but precision handling and teamwork to achieve success in Formula One.


The highlight of the event was the opportunity for Infiniti owners to drive with Coulthard, who personally led a convoy from the Infiniti Center, Bukit Bintang to Cyberview Resort & Spa (Cyberjaya). It was a thrilling moment for Infiniti owners as they also got the opportunity to have their photograph taken alongside the FIA Formula One Constructors’ World Championship Trophy.

Infiniti has been an active participant in Formula One since 2011. Since that inaugural season the technical collaboration with three-time FIA Formula One Constructors’ World Champions has deepened. Infiniti starts the 2013 season as Title Partner and Vehicle Performance Partner of the renamed Infiniti Red Bull Racing with shared engineering expertise and deepened collaboration across people, processes and technologies.

“It is a great way to be associated with the high technology and performance required by the Formula One standards. It was truly an honor to have David Coulthard spend time and share his Formula One experiences with our valued Infiniti owners” said Senior General Manager of Inspired Motor Sdn Bhd, Christopher Tan.

Global Director of Infiniti Formula One, Andreas Sigl commented: “We’ve established a number of workstreams which are already underway to build our technical collaboration across the specific areas of people, processes and technologies. Our aim is to have a team of engineers working with the Formula One programme, helping us bring Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s ways of working and performance expertise to our road car operation. The collaboration will also enable us to bring Formula One-inspired technology to our road cars.”

Photo Gallery: Infiniti Red Bull Racing in Malaysia

UPS Joins Scuderia Ferrari As New Team Sponsor

UPS announced the expansion of its sponsorships in motorsports by entering Formula 1 racing through a multi-year sponsorship of Scuderia Ferrari. The alliance was announced in Barcelona, Spain and featured Scuderia Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso, shortly before the Spaniard took the track for the first time in the team’s 2013 F138 race car bearing the UPS shield.

F1 Testing in Barcelona - Day One

As part of the sponsorship, UPS will have significant visibility as Scuderia Ferrari competes in the Formula 1 World Championship across the globe in 19 countries, including Malaysia in end of March.

The UPS shield will be visible on the Ferrari F138 cars driven by Alonso and teammate Felipe Massa, on their racing overalls, as well as the Scuderia’s fleet of transporters and trackside equipment. In addition, UPS will implement a comprehensive activation program across the organization on a global scale.

(Pic 2)(L-R) Christine Owens, UPS senior vice president, communications and brand management and Stefano Dominicali

UPS also becomes the “Official Logistics and Shipping Sponsor” for Ferrari and will become fully integrated into the company’s daily operations by providing critical and complex delivery and transportation services.

Scuderia Ferrari, founded in 1947, is the most recognized name in racing and is also the most successful. Scuderia Ferrari is the only team to have competed in the Formula 1 World Championship continuously since its inception in 1950 and holds nearly every Formula 1 record.

“We are extremely pleased to have UPS on board as our new Partner, as they are one of the most successful and recognized brands worldwide,” said Scuderia Ferrari Team Principal Stefano Domenicali. “Excellence, innovation and precision are critical across every process within the team. Working with an organization that has the global reach and scale of UPS, and that also shares these values, will allow us to jointly explore and implement ways to improve operations and increase efficiency across the team.”

“We are excited to join Ferrari and be a part of their racing organization,” said Christine Owens, UPS senior vice president, communications and brand management at the signing of the long-term agreement yesterday at Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello, Italy. “UPS has been involved in motorsports for more than 12 years. Expanding our involvement into Formula 1 with one of the world’s most recognizable racing teams brings together two worldwide brands that have rich histories and cultures as well as a track record of unmatched commitment to excellence.

“Both UPS and Ferrari constantly strive to develop and implement new technologies, using speed and efficiency to go beyond what’s expected,” Owens said. “Being a part of Scuderia Ferrari helps reinforce the UPS brand globally, positively impacting our business both on and off the track, and by investing in key growth markets around the world.”