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Monday, March 30, 2015
Breaking News


Toyota Pixis Space “Kei” Car Launched in Japan

Due to increase demand of “kei” car in Japan, Toyota is now selling its very first minicar in Japanese Domestic Market (JDM).


Minicar, or “kei,” are defined under Japanese regulations as having maximum length of 3.4 meters, width of 1.48 meters, height of 2 meters and engine displacement of less than 660cc. Taxes are lower for minicars, which now make up about a third of Japan’s annual vehicle sales.


Toyota Pixis Space

Based on the OEM agreement reached in September 2010, Toyota now launched the Pixis Space minicar that manufactured by its subsidiary – Daihatsu Motor Co.


The Pixis Space is offered in few variants, the base model in “L” and “X” trims, and a sportier looking variant available as the “Custom X”, “Custom G” and “Custom RS”.


With the exception of the Custom RS that is powered by a more powerful 660c turbocharged engine, the rest of the lineup is offered with a naturally aspirated 660cc gasoline unit. All models adopt a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and are offered with either front- or all-wheel drive.


Toyota is planning two more minicar models for JDM, although it has not said when those will go on sale. Toyota is targeting annual minicar sales of 60,000 in Japan for all three models in total.


The Pixis Space starts at 1.12 million yen for the base model and tops out at 1.611 million yen for the Custom RS with AWD.


Photo Gallery: Toyota Pixis Space

Perodua Unveils The New Perodua Myvi D54T With 3 Variants: Standard, Premium and Elegance

Perodua  Myvi  was first introduced in May 2005 based on Daihatsu Boon/Sirion thru partnership with Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. The outgoing model of Perodua Myvi is Malaysia number 1 selling model for 5 years running with more than 484,000 units sold between May 2005 and April 2011.



7635  630xfloat= img 5103 Perodua Unveils The New Perodua Myvi D54T With 3 Variants: Standard, Premium and Elegance

“The New  Perodua  Myvi  is a refined compact car that bears the Myvi’s main concept of convenience and style but with marked improvements both in looks and functionality.” Perodua Managing Directory, Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh said at the media test drive.


7641  630xfloat= img 5123 Perodua Unveils The New Perodua Myvi D54T With 3 Variants: Standard, Premium and Elegance

7648  630xfloat= img 5165 Perodua Unveils The New Perodua Myvi D54T With 3 Variants: Standard, Premium and Elegance

Our journalists have test-drove the new Myvi during the media test drive session. In short, this compact car has shrink in appearance but roomier and spacious inside, cabin noise is relatively improve, more leg room on the rear, slightly improve engine performance and fuel efficiency.


7638  630xfloat= img 5116 Perodua Unveils The New Perodua Myvi D54T With 3 Variants: Standard, Premium and Elegance

The new  slopes and curves on the new Myvi enhance the aerodynamics of the car with reducing drag.


Perodua MD Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh added that the standard manual transmission for the new Perodua Myvi has a longer range of 17.5km/litre compared to the previous model at 17.1km/litre. While the automatic transmission of the new Perodua Myvi has a range of 14.6km/litre compared to 13.5km/litre for the outgoing model.


7652  630xfloat= img 5180 Perodua Unveils The New Perodua Myvi D54T With 3 Variants: Standard, Premium and Elegance

The new model in automated transmission variant will be have gear shift level on the dashboard panel similar to the Perodua Alza. Still, it is better now with shift lock on new Myvi.


7642  630xfloat= img 5130 Perodua Unveils The New Perodua Myvi D54T With 3 Variants: Standard, Premium and Elegance

The new Perodua  Myvi  1.3 comes in 3  variants: Standard, Premium  and Elegance  in both automatic and manual transmission. The price of the new Perodua Myvi (D54T) as below: -


1.3 Standard SX (MT)

Solid: RM 43,900

Metallic: RM 44,400

Special Metallic: RM 44,800


1.3 Standard EZ (AT)

Solid: RM 46,900

Metallic: RM 47,400

Special Metallic: RM 47,800


1.3 Premium SXi (MT)

Solid: RM 46,900

Metallic: RM 47,400

Special Metallic: RM 47,800


1.3 Premium EZi (AT)

Solid: RM 49,900

Metallic: RM 50,400

RM 50,800


1.3 Elegance SXE (MT)

Solid: RM 53,900

Metallic: RM 54,400

Special Metallic: RM 54,800


1.3 Elegance EZE (AT)

Solid: RM 56,900

Metallic: RM 57,400

Special Metallic: RM 57,800


7644  630xfloat= img 5134 Perodua Unveils The New Perodua Myvi D54T With 3 Variants: Standard, Premium and Elegance

New colour Mystical Purple will be added and available in all variants. Other colour remained like Ebony Black, Metallic Grey, Glittering Silver, Pearl White and Ivory White.


The new Myvi is marketed with its slogan of lagi best. In English, it means even better. In reality, how true it is? Check it out your nearest Perodua showroom and discover the all-new Myvi personally. While some of the Petrol Head Myvi fans hopes for a 1.5L engine Myvi, Perodua  decide to remain the Myvi at 1.3L engine for now. Will there be a 1.5L engine for Myvi ? That will depend on the market. Feedback below, perhaps we can show Perodua’s Director some demand for 1.5L engine.


Photo Gallery: 2012 Perodua Myvi 1.3 D54T


Perodua accepts booking for new Myvi from 4 June 2011

perodua logo 300x235 Perodua accepts booking for new Myvi from 4 June 2011

Malaysia’s second national car maker – Perodua accepts booking for new Myvi from 4 June 2011 onwards at all Perodua’s 178 sales outlets nationwide. It is scheduled to be officially launch at Putra World Trade Centre on 16 June 2011 by Malaysia Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Abdul Razak.


According to Perodua’s Managing Director Datuk Aminar, The booking fee is only RM400, while the price will only be revealed at the launch date. Furthermore, he mentioned that a number of Perodua sales outlets in major urban areas will be opened until late at night in anticipation of the good response from the public.


Perodua is very encouraged by the initial responses from the public for the new Myvi. For months, our sales outlets have been receiving lots of enquiries pertaining to the new model, he said. I assure you the wait will be worthwhile, he added.

newmyvi 630x291 Perodua accepts booking for new Myvi from 4 June 2011

Perodua expects the new Myvi to be another top seller with an estimated 8,500 units a month with a total of 6 variants both in the manual and automatic transmissions are available. The new Myvi also comes in 6 colours including a new colour Mystical Purple.

Malaysian National Automaker Perodua Hit by Japan Supply Problem

perodua myvi le 1 Malaysian National Automaker Perodua Hit by Japan Supply Problem


Malaysian National Automaker Perodua says its production of cars is being disrupted by a shortage of parts from Japan following the March 11 massive earthquake and tsunami in northeast Japan.


Perodua, which is partly owned by Japan’s Daihatsu Motor Corp., says adjustments have been made to ensure inventories last until May. No details are further elaborate.


In a statement yesterday, the compact car maker said it was in talks with Daihatsu and other vendors to resolve the problem, which it described as a temporary setback.


The disruption has already led Perodua to delay the launch of a new car to the second half of the year. It faces pressure to introduce new models to bolster sales and maintain leadership in Southeast Asia’s largest passenger car market amid competition from domestic rival Proton.

Japanese Automakers Halt Production Lines Due To Power Shortages

While Tokyo Electric Power Co. battling a possible meltdown at a nuclear reactor 220km north of Tokyo. To conserve power in Japan, the authority had planned rolling blackouts.


Japan automobile industry Japanese Automakers Halt Production Lines Due To Power Shortages


As results, many manufacturer plants are out of production. However, Japan’s automakers may be able to make up for lost output by using excess production capacity at unaffected plants and running assembly lines on overtime and during holidays.


Below are the summary reported by Japanese Automakers.




Nissan, Japan’s second-largest carmaker, suspended operations at four plants until tomorrow and at two other plants until March 18, the Yokohama-based company said yesterday in a statement.

The automaker earlier said 2,300 new vehicles were damaged by tsunami surges in the wake of the 9.0-magnitude earthquake, the strongest ever recorded in Japan. Nissan doesn’t have an estimate of how much production may be lost, said Yuichi Nakagawa, a spokesman for the company.




Honda, the nation’s third-largest carmaker, will halt output through March 20, reducing production by an estimated 16,600 cars and trucks and 2,000 two-wheelers, Tomoko Takamori, a spokeswoman for the Tokyo-based company, said yesterday.




Toyota Motor Corp. , may lose output of at least 40,000 vehicles after Japan’s strongest earthquake damaged factories and crippled nuclear power plants, causing electricity shortages.


Toyota closed 12 plants in the nation through tomorrow, Shiori Hashimoto, a spokeswoman for the company, said by phone yesterday. The manufacturer’s profit will be cut by 6 billion yen ($72 million) for each day of lost operations in Japan, while Nissan Motor Co. and Honda Motor Co. may each lose 2 billion yen a day, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. estimated.


Not only is the struck region one of our production bases, those directly hit and vastly affected include our dealers, suppliers and numerous other partners, Toyota President Akio Toyoda said in a statement on the Toyota City, Japan-based company’s website.




Daihatsu Motor Co., 51 percent owned by Toyota, may lose production of 9,600 units as it closes factories through tomorrow, Fumihiko Kondo, a spokesman for the Osaka-based carmaker, said yesterday.




Mitsubishi Motors Corp. planned to resume production at its three Japan factories tomorrow after a two-day halt, Kai Inada, a spokesman for the Tokyo-based carmaker, said today.


We don’t know how many cars we are going to lose from the stoppage, said Yuki Murata, a company spokesman. Domestic production totalled 660,104 vehicles in 2010, he said.




Mazda Motor Corp. will extend a production halt at four Japan plants until at least tomorrow night due to a parts shortage, Ken Haruki, a spokesman for the Hiroshima-based carmaker, said by phone yesterday. The company isn’t disclosing how much output it will lose, he said.




Hino Motors Ltd. said it planned a stoppage until at least tomorrow, and Hiromichi Suwa, a spokesman, said the company was trying to calculate the potential loss.




Isuzu Motors Ltd. said it would stop output at its two Japan plants until March 18.