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2010 Toyota Vios Facelift 1.5E Automatic

2010 Toyota Vios E Facelift fog lights

The 2010 Toyota Vios Facelift model arrived at all Peninsular Malaysia Toyota showrooms since 16th April 2010.  For those are still new to Toyota Vios models, they offers Vios 1.5 Automatic Transmission with TRD Sportivo, G, E, J Spec and Manual Transmission with J Spec. All variants having the same engine and price range from RM71,990 to RM92,000.


So far, Toyota Vios and Nissan Sentra is the only 2 Japanese Passenger Cars that offering Manual Transmission besides the sports car like Civic Type R. – Which I am proud of that they know what the markets wants.



There are always people saying, Toyota selling uncle’ car with uncle spec’. Things are totally different now. UMW Toyota now finally knows what the market wants.In this article, I would concentrate on the comparisons between G Spec and E Spec.


If you are looking for details on Toyoto Vios Facelift 2010 1.5 G Spec – please click here.

2010 Toyota Vios E Facelift Steering

After the new facelift, the E Spec now come with Dark coloured Interior which suddenly make things totally different – Much nicer, more ultramodern.


Prospective buyers that prefer beige interior and chrome finishing, they can now go for G Spec. While young owner that wants something sportier, you have option of J, E Spec or the TRD Sportivo.

2010 Toyota Vios E Facelift Audio

The G Spec comes with integrated audio head unit while the E Spec comes with Standard double-din audio head unit with MP3, WMA and 4 Speakers. Overall, is not a bad thing as now you can fit aftermarket’ double-din multimedia head unit with reverse camera by simply replacing it without changing the panel.


2010 Toyota Vios E Facelift Gear 2010 Toyota Vios E Facelift Standard

For E Spec, there is no chrome package. As results of that, the parking brake knob, centre register knob, shift lever housing and inside door handle come in black colour.

2010 Toyota Vios E Facelift Steering

For steering wheel, you still get the new design with flat bottom that similar with the new 2010 Toyota Wish in Japan but without leather wrap and audio controller.


For TRD Sportivo, G Spec and E Spec, they all come with dual Front SRS Airbag.

2010 Toyota Vios E Facelift Front Seat 2010 Toyota Vios E Facelift Rear Seat

The interior seats now uses dark grey fabric and the rear seats come with 60:40 Split Foldable.


2010 Toyota Vios E Facelift Side Mirror

For G Spec and E Spec, both get the power adjustable & retractable with Turn Indicator. There is no Door Visor for E Spec as it is limited to the TRD Sportivo and G Spec.

2010 Toyota Vios E Facelift Window

Furthermore, E Spec doesn’t have Body Side Moulding which makes the car look a little plain comparing to G Spec and the TRD Sportivo.

2010 Toyota Vios E Facelift Rim

The E Spec remains using the rim from the pre-facelift model. For E Spec and J Spec, the rear brakes come with Drum instead of Solid Disc.


View the gallery of 2010 Toyota Vios Facelift E Spec as below.

  • ben

    other than the drum brakes, i think Vios E-Spec is a good buy…personally don’t really fancy chrome on the G spec anyway..

  • edvin

    I don’t really fany the rear solid disc brakes too. I think E-Spec is a good one if they add in body side moulding. That’s best.

  • naz

    i think the front grill can by seperately..its fits with old facelift..i want to buy it if available

  • TG


  • FD2R

    Hi Naz,

    I think you can get the front grill from Toyota Parts Centre.. Since the bumper didnt change.. should be PnP.

  • Jimmy Lim

    Hi there,
    I would like to ask, where can i get the Vois Door Side Moulding in the market? i just bought the E spec and the door side look so plain.

    I’m driving Vois Grey Mica.

    Thank you.

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  • mdzulha

    nice but i’m agree with edvin..add side moulding with same price.

  • talulu does lalulu at hawaii

    just booking Vios E,, but suddenly thinking to change honda city. any comments regards!!

  • Edvin

    The most obvious differentiation between the Toyota Vios and Honda City will be the 4-speed vs 5-speed automatic transmission. For Vios E, the rear brakes are drum. Engine max output is higher for City but Vios is smoother.

    At the end, it depends what kind of budget, styling and room size that you are seeking. Both are good cars with great values.

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