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Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Satria Neo CPS R3 Lotus Racing Edition Review

Proton Satria Neo CPS R3

Proton Satria Neo  R3 Lotus Racing edition with Tuned 1.6 Campro CPS engine by Race Rally Research (R3) – Proton’s tuning division uncovered. With upgrades about RM60,000 of equipments and tuning from a standard Proton Satria Neo CPS, this mean machine receive a 145 bhp and 168 Nm of torque from a 1.6 engine. Judging by this figure, it is impressive.

Proton Satria Neo CPS R3 diffuser

However Proton only able to claims 9.2 second on this Proton Satria Neo CPS R3 Lotus Racing Edition. Another highlight of this car would be – it costs RM115,000. Many would think this it’s too much to pay for a Satria Neo. Let me walk you through the upgrades that has been done. The Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing edition looks some what fimilar from the Satria Neo R3, but Proton claims that claims it’s front back bumper are make with Race Proven FRP material and improved Aerodynamics.

Satria Neo CPS R3 Wide Fender

The Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing Edition is inspire by Lotus. Therefore, there’s only one colour available – which is Lotus’ Green. The car here, it’s also style with some sporty elements such as yellow racing stripes and carbon fiber materials all over the car. From the outlook, the most signification difference would the be widen fenders with air vents and a Lotus badge on it.


Check out the Video As We walk you through the Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing Edition.


Satria Neo CPS R3 Engine

The heart of the Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing Edition is using the 1.6 Campro CPS which can be found on the conventional Satria Neo CPS. The displacement remained as 1597cc with maximum output of 145bhp @ 7,000rpm and torque of 168Nm @ 5,000rpm. This limited edition only comes with Manual Transmission.


Satria Neo CPS R3 Rear Exhaust

Mainly, the power train enhancements for the Lotus Racing Edition have added R3 Engine Management System, R3 Camshaft with Adjustable Alloy Cam, R3 Alloy under drive pulleys, R3 Titanium Manifold Extractor, R3 Tuned Exhaust System and R3 Carbon Fibre Air Intake with K&N Filter inside.

Satria Neo CPS R3 Carbon Air

After a short chat with the R3 representative, he mentioned that the gearbox final gear ratio has been replaced with closer ratio gear for better acceleration which not listed on the brochure and the rest of the components besides the enhancements are similar to conventional Satria Neo CPS. Therefore, there will not be any problem getting an experienced mechanic to service and maintaining the car. Photo below shows R3 Aluminum Gear Knob.

Proton Satria Neo CPS R3 Gear Knob

The performance result was average at its class with no surprises of maximum speed of 200km/h and 0-100 km/h in 9.2secs. In fact, the Proton Satria GTi R3 that was introduced in late 2004 with 1.8L 4G93P perform even better with 0-100 km/h in 8.2secs and 140whp @ 6100rpm.

Satria Neo CPS R3 Adjustable Suspension with Pillow Ball Upper Mount

A set of Ohlins DFV (Dual Flow Valve) fully adjustable coil-over suspension with R3-tuned spring and damper rates are fitted to the car. The car benefits with lower ride height, stiffened rubber suspension bushes and revised suspension geometry. This allows the driver to have a better handling, more responsive steering feedback and better cornering precision.

Satria Neo CPS R3 Rear Adjustable

Pop-up the rear boot of the Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing, and you will notice there’s a knob on side each for the car. The function it’s that to adjust the level of hardness of the rear suspension when it is needed.

Satria Neo CPS R3 Brakes

However, I doubt that it requires such a serious braking system but it comes with a massive 4-pot AP Racing calliper and cross ventilated discs for the front brakes. For the rear brakes, it remained as standard 1-pot with solid discs. The Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing is also equipped with ABS and EBD. The rims of the Satria Neo here is a set 16″ OEM from Advanti and claims as R3 Light Weight Alloy rims.

Satria Neo CPS R3 Steering Push Start

Aside from the performance upgrades, Proton has also done many upgrades on the cosmetic part. For example, a push-start button is installed along with the car but you will also need to insert your key to start the engine. The steering is wrapped with leather and with a yellow centered indicated.

Proton Satria Neo CPS R3 Seat

The seat of the Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing edition is wrapped with Nappa Leather of course with styling inspired by Lotus and the Lotus Logo on the headrest. However as compared to the earlier version of  Satria Neo R3, this unit here doesn’t have bucket seat. The seats are basically wrapped leather seats from the standard seats in any Satria Neo.

Proton Satria Neo CPS R3 Door

The door panel of this special edition Satria Neo it’s also redesign to suit the car’s theme.

Satria Neo CPS R3 Carbon Fiber Hood

The Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing car is fitted with few carbon fibre equipment to reduce weight and styling purposes. The bonnet here as the picture show is made with light-weight carbon fibre material.

Satria Neo CPS R3 Carbon Fiber

Asides, that the door still also fitted with carbon fibre material. We did a check on it whether it is carbon fibre or sticker, and yes it is real carbon fibre attach on the surface of the door frame.


All this while, the carbon fibre parts on the R3 are prone to theft. Many R3 owners resorted to removing these lightweight parts and replacing them with standard parts, refitting them only during track day or events.


Our sources say that 15 units are already booked for and remain 10 units up for sale as of 30 March 2010. One of the owner of this beautiful masterpiece belongs to the Proton Advisor, Tun Mahathir which he owned a collection of R3 in his garage.


Click here to download Brochure for the Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing Edition !

  • juki

    advanti rims? alamak.. come on la.. VR CE28 will be most suitable for this car. davati is damn heavy man..

  • Joe

    Well, Rm115K for a proton satria neo. No matter its world limited or claimed itself as lotus racing edition or what so ever. I don’t think that people out there would accept it. Sorry to those proton enthusiasts, you guys have to admit that a standard neo which equiped 4G92 Mivec along with standard 5 speed manual cum LSD definitely faster than Lotus edition. Moreover, as a smart consumer, we still have plenty budgets to purchase and install aftermarket adjustable shocks, hard rubber bushes, body parts, lightweight rims, etc.

    I do expected the Lotus edition which cost RM115K would have equiped at least a semi bucket seats, engine balancing, port & polish, remove back seats to reduce further body weight, body stiffness enhancement and so on. All these efforts are essential for a performance car or track car. To be honest, 1600cc engine capacity which produce 145bhp isn’t that impressive compared to Honda B series engine and Mitsubishi Mivec engine. I really think that R3 (or Mr. Tengku Jyan) would consider more of the necessities of developing a limited production car.

    Last but not least, AP racing 4 pot front brake? Its just 145bhp..A standard 2 pot brake with cross line ventilated rotor together with racing brake pad would be more than enough to stop the car. Anyway, please do keep your efforts in developing bore better Proton cars.

  • Neal

    Well as per current CPS performance and price it is well in par. But this R3 model I admit is overrated. No offense but it is too expensive even so how limited its claimed to be. A 4g92 mivec, GSR or even a 4age powered neo is plenty more power and other high performance parts can be still sourced in order to make the exact nor better copy of this car. I would appreciate the R&D gone through by R3 for this model but the price is highly unacceptable. Sorry proton R3 enthusiasts

  • http://www.edvinteo.com ET

    I am quite disappointe with this release. Even the previous satria gti r3 can outperform it and cost lesser.

  • Joe

    Good voice out my man, Neal..We should appreciate the efforts done by R3 and/or Proton. Especially in the development of Hybrid model. But, somehow Proton need to consider what is the purpose of releasing such limited model, moreover, its crowned by the title of Lotus Racing. The philosophy of Lotus in making performance car is simple and direct-which is lightweight and fun driving. To be honest, its not fun at all when we see the price tag-RM115K.

    In my opinion, R3 should produce the Neo which is lightweight, engine balanced, minor mod on intake and exhaust, increase body rigidity, necessary suspension upgrade & etc, in order to meet racing requirement. Just like Porsche when they released 911 GT3 RS (standard equipped with rollcage, body enhancement, weight reduction), this car is a road legal racing track car. I think R3 Satria Neo Lotus Racing Edition really should take the GT3 RS as a reference, maybe apply it on the next limited model project in the future.

    Sorry if I piss off anyone especially Proton enthusiasts, but the reality is there. The automobile industry is ever changing, lets keep the pace up. (specially dedicated to our own national automaker, Proton) Cheers :)

  • http://www.milysa.com.my ady5118

    145hp for a proton priced at 115k its not worth it, you can get a honda civic 1.8 by just adding 3k into it and if you wait in a couple of month aftermarket bodykits can provide the same look for ur 50k neo. why they dont try turbocharging 1.8 mitsubishi derived engines should be good, and i think will be a hit if priced below 150k i know the chassis of the neo is a good platform for higher performance. 145hp…9.6 seconds is a lil sad for a 60k upgrades. rm115k for a proton… is not the time yet

  • chockey

    what? 115k car only get 9.6second? 205kmh? its ridiculous man! with 115k you will get s15,mazda3,evo5,6,7 with below 5.0second 240kmh everyday…proton car maker pls make something new..now is 2010 not 1985.. 9.6second car suite for grandma go to market..why not tubocharge campro engine?? nowdays stock evo with 280bhp also feel like snail..if neo 145 bhp?? i dont know how to say..shame proton..

  • http://idealogyc.blogspot.com/ idealogyc

    i think this price we need 2 pay for a brand….not for that “racing part” that they use…all about business only…this car only those who got money n don`t know what to do…i know cost of RND are expensive but they can make a car that can move “out of a box” like Japanese tech.[we can see a schema japanese guy but have make superb product]& what young asian guy need…that`s all folk from my opinion only…

  • eddz

    i’d sacrifice those ohlins @ ap calipers (and put something like cheaper branded sport shocks, better brakepads & braided line in there, bear in mind it’s not a full race car anyway) fer an extra 25bhp & different interior.bucket seats, extra gauges, etc. Everything else looks gud n proper. Xpect imitation bodykits to pop up @ yur local kedai abang soon! Heh..

  • Dev

    Come on Proton, you can’t be serious asking for RM115k for this snapped on Satria Neo 1.6 cps based model by just coloring it with Lotus famed racing green and start claiming anything but racing or limited edition again! We have seen it all before by manipulating your sub-standard car by naming them “Special Edition” which think we will be fooled again, truly pathetic!Have you all but running out of term name to give us a RM60k filmsy interior made car with some after-market gadgets replacing them which are so abundance in the scrap yard for any motor heads!
    Proton, this is daylight robbery which daring enough to sell your Satria Neo but nothing for RM115k! WAKE-UP Proton! This is not the way of trying to be globalised or attracting foreign teamwork to boost your “borrowing UK name and UK technologies” to try to be “1 WORLD”! Sorry Proton, this strategy won’t work for many, in fact nationwide. Don’t believe, you can anytime call for votes.

  • mat

    is it easy to buy it from scrap yard? new set of ohlins n ap racing brake? how much it cost? can any tuners can tune the cps na to max but did they comply with the emmision regulation? even the exhaust noise must according to regulation, not some ah beng exhaust. how about reliability n drivability. i know that r3 has 180 wheel hp cps engine they prepared for the race this year in mme(it is n/a), but it is the race engine, not suitable for town driving n it is not according to the emmision rules where manufacturer(not ahbeng)must comply to sell the car in malaysia. malaysia is euro2, in singapore, they are trying to upgrade to euro4 but for ur info, protn cars already euro4 ready.

  • Dev

    too sad, no matter how ridiculous good with all the high end aftermarkets accessories fitted to the car (which is just not necessary anyway), it is just not worth the pennies to paid for! Who is in the right frame of mind wants to fork out rm115k for a proton 1.6 small tight interior plasticky parts that even their blind QA failed to detect (which proton is famous of), not to mention with just a mingle 1.6cc what cps lah or whatever lar engine (that proton just liked to glorified about) & not even to the extent of a street legal race machine produced. Forget about it, it will soon be just another piece of proton proud but failed project that can just be glittered in their own proton yard. Even the last produced 150 satria r3 were terribly hard to sell at rm77k, but this one is even the biggest 2010 joke of the year at rm115k, just to paid for some borrowed lotus name/badge here & there to complete the whole layman proton neo…proton, you can just keep it to yourself this piece of self-claimed glory junkie

    • http://www.fasmotoring.com ben

      We were told on that day itself…those who place booking to the car…in front of their names…there’s a word “Dato’, Tun” or something…

  • 1st neo

    Damm for those buy this car…..
    I’m not impressive about their hp.
    Waste our money if we buy this car

    • http://www.fasmotoring.com ben

      take it as a collector’s item…

  • sham

    what!! 115k org gila je yg buying this car.. dgn 115k dpt engine 1.6 je.. baik aku pi beli halfcut evo4 letak kt neo standart.. dapat gak h/p tggi lg pd neo yg harga mengarut tu. come on la proton.. h/p mcm tu wat pi pasar boleh la!!!! korang ingat org malaysia ni bodoh sgt ke.. aku rase korang tu yg bodoh!

  • sham

    collector’s item baik beli evo3 ben….

    • http://www.fasmotoring.com ben

      banyak semangat Malaysia dalam kereta tu tau..hehe

  • shah

    Woooi..mengarut lah wei..orang bengong jer beli kereta tu..pakai 3tahun jual timbang kati jer nanti..no value at all..crab man..why not lotus engine with 2liter and 4 wheel that worth it laa..

  • peyutjaws

    cam laju keta kancil l5 aku jer…bonet depan tu kira paling best la

  • mr.ube

    semangat malaysia utk kedepan kire ok la.. tp kenapa pihak proton buat r3 lotus racing pda neo yg harga gila2.. promosi gempak.. bagi kanak2 sk rendah kire hebat la.. tp bagi kaki keta kt malaysia ni kira mengarut… kalau harga yg ditawarkan 115k itu ada baik nye pakai engin tme 6.5 yg jepun dah tak lalu masuk kt neo denga 4wheal bru puas hati.. apa2 pun proton buat2 lah xprasan walaupun proton tahu hal in. tq..

  • ultraman

    beli mahal , jual murah …. selamat menipu dari proton

  • 4G67 turbine boost

    pehhhhh….kete nasional la katakan…nak untung cepat sgt ( sorry ek CEO PROTON)walau pun dah pakai meterial tempatan pun x leh cut cos ke…lancer GT idaman aku pun lepas ar harga nihhh… carbon fiber utk intake tu kalau tempah kat sunway rase2 rm1100 leh dapat . kat tepi pintu tu rase2 rm400 kiri kanan leh dapat…
    tolonggggg la IR…IR proton buat kete racing real wheel yg boleh (TG) pakai utk drif boleh la menaikan nama kete recing yg harga x masuk akal nih…
    “PROTON kene buat kete mcm honda civic type R yg tak ikut (emison tah akupun x paham) tapi keluar market jugak ,baru2 ni je nak ditamatkan pengeluaran ….”
    pandang la ketimur kembali….
    hanya pandangan peribadi tiada berkait yg telah pergi atau masih bernyawa…

  • waste

    waste proton spending big but what do we get national car same price as honda civic. what are they thinking?
    honda more powerful than the neo cps r3 whatso ever. total waste. throw to the trash. come out with a better car and affordable price. A BIG WASTE!!!!

  • james potong

    please lah don’t try to push off your cold storage proton satria neo by snapping in uk lotus racing brand here & there, & then claimed to be special lah or racing edition lar. what’s more trying to sell a local car by having lotus price! what a crap jokes

  • GTI232

    good efforts for proton R3 team…
    but the price should not be that high…
    keep up the good works but keep down the price for malaysian…

  • joker

    pa ceta keta nie? pakai xzos sport tak kena saman ka? susah juga polis kita nie…. ckit2 surat putih….

  • joker

    1 lagik pa ceta keta nie mahal gilar… bagus tambah duit ckit ambik skyline secon lagi ok….

  • joker

    beli keta lama masuk anjen turbo… lagi puas…. harga pun tak gila mcm nie… tapi klu lumba dgn aku punya celeca buruk pun tinggal haaa….

  • ntprotoncars

    With the same price u can buy a larger continental hatch of the same performance if not better. Peugeot 308 Turbo for instance, at the same price got panaromic roof, same 100km/hr sprint timing but much higher top speed [around 215km/hr]. Lots more safety features like traction control and ESP or what not.

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  • Kloon_chen

    interior finishing is not bad, but the main highlight here should be the performance. 0 – 100 in under 10 secs? disappointing!

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