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Bermaz is launching Mazda 3 Sport

  BREAKING NEWS-PRICE RELEASED Mazda3 (BDL4 RAD)     1.6L Sedan, 1598 CC     Retail* RM 107,130 Mazda3 (BDM2 RAC)     2.0L Sedan, 1999 CC     Retail * RM 126,840.50 * Price and Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. * Retail price exclude cost of insurance   The editor of the site has been invited to the official preview ...

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Mazda 3 2010 Malaysia

  Welcome back to fastmotoring.com. As promised to our visitors. We’ll revealed all the photos we captured and tell you more about what we know about the car.     Familiar yet not so familiar? This is what Zoom-zoom team Malaysia done to our mazda 3. Compare down here to see what did they decided to it.     Some people call ...

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Uncovering the canvas – Mazda 3 2010

   We’ve have seen the all new Mazda 3  launching in the US, Australia and our neighbour-Singapore. The long-awaited 2010 Mazda3, and while we like what we’ve seen so far, we want more. We at fastmotoring.com know that team Zoom-Zoom Malaysia has done a little special treatment on our mazda 3.    Before we reveal the car itself. Let us ...

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2009 Mazda3 recalled over stability control software concern in US

Mazda in USA is recalling 7,100 2009 models for a problem with its Dynamic Stability Control system that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says is not in compliance with federal motor safety standards. Not sure whether it will affect those model that imported to Malaysia… If you are one of the lucky owner, probably you could ring up the Bermaz ...

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