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Hoon Driver Drifts into Street Parking Spot with Skyline R33

  Ever see a Skyline R33 drifts into street parking spot? Sorry to say to this Skyline R33’s owner, we think this is ‘un-cool’!   Basically, the driver is maneuvering his car recklessly and endangering the pedestrians. Based on the “anti-hoon laws” in Australia, this car should be confiscated and impounded under the laws. Let’s hope there are no such ...

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Holden Commodore is the first car crushed under anti-hoon laws in Victoria, Australia

If you able to recall, this year Lewis Hamilton charged by Melbourne police over a street “burnout” performed outside the Australian Grand Prix under Victoria’s anti-hoon laws. Today, the first Holden Commodore has become the first car to be crushed under Victoria’s anti-hoon laws. Till date, thousands of vehicles have been impounded since the laws were introduced in 2006. The above picture ...

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