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Subaru STI Gallery in Tokyo

For German, they has a Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen as well as BMW Museum in Munich. For the Asian, Subaru has a STI Gallery in Tokyo too. Subaru Tecnica International (STi), the performance tuning division of Subaru marks the 20th year anniversary. Fuji Heavy is inaugurating the STI Gallery, a new museum in Tokyo that highlights the products and activities of its ...

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2012 Toyota/Subaru Sports Coupe

We’ve heard all this before about Toyota and Subaru joint effort to build an FR Sports Coupe. But now, we now have stronger proof than ever that Toyota is getting back into the affordable sports-coupe game. This front-engine/rear-drive 2-door will reincarnate the spirit of the 1983-1987 Corolla AE86, a car that’s still popular today, especially among drift enthusiasts. According to Best Car ...

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