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Audi sales increase by 6.7 percent in May 2016


AUDI AG sold around 164,150 cars to customers in May, representing a global increase of 6.7 percent year on year. With their new model generations, growth for the A4 Sedan and the A4 Avant reached 16.2 percent. The new Q7 full size SUV also continued its successful start, up 79.6 percent in May. For the entire model lineup, Audi sales increased in all of the brand’s three key regions – by 9.7 percent in Europe, by 5.7 percent in Asia Pacific and by 3.8 percent in North America. Worldwide deliveries since January rose to around 784,250, up 5.3 percent compared with the same period in 2015.

Audi Q7

“May once again showed that our new models are finding strong acceptance in the market,” says Dietmar Voggenreiter, Member of the Board of Management for Sales and Marketing at AUDI AG. “This is a strong signal for the Audi Q2 and the new A5, which we presented a few days ago. Like its predecessor, the new A5 Coupé will win over customers with particularly high demands in terms of design and performance, giving Audi an even sportier boost.”

The Audi Q2 and the second generation of the A5 Coupé will arrive at dealers in the fourth quarter, initially in Europe. Audi already sold around 320,000 cars of the current A5 Coupé generation; the United States is the highest selling market for the model. In 2015, one in four A5 Coupé models sold to customers was a very sporty S or RS model.

Besides the Q7 (+79.6% to around 9,050 cars) and the A4 Sedan and Avant models (+16.2% to around 31,000 cars), the TT and Q3 also recorded high growth rates last month: Global demand for the compact sports car increased by 18.2 percent to around 2,900 units, while the Q3 was up 19.7 percent with around 19,700 units.

In Europe, a total of around 76,000 customers chose an Audi in May, amounting to 9.7 percent more than a year ago. While the UK (+2.8% to 14,020 cars) reported moderate growth for the four rings, especially Germany (+13.4% to 28,031 cars) and Spain (+20.2% to 4,860 cars) stood out among the major markets. In Europe overall, the new Q7 is making a significant contribution to the positive development for Audi. With around 17,650 units of the full‑size SUV since January, Audi handed over more Q7 in only five months than in the last full year of its predecessor model. In 2014, sales of the Q7 in the region amounted to 13,281 units.

Audi’s large SUV is also highly popular with customers in the United States. Across the entire model portfolio, Audi of America’s sales in May slightly exceeded the 2015 reference value (+1.6% to 18,728 cars), although the month was two selling days shorter this year. Cumulative sales of 78,489 Audi cars in the United States since January are 4.2 percent higher than in the same period last year. In Mexico (+10.3% to 1,303 cars), the four rings continued to make significant gains in May as the new A4 and the new Q7 have become successfully established in the market. Total sales for the month on the entire American continent were thus favorable despite the difficult market trend in Brazil (-35.9% to 825 cars): Around 25,000 deliveries amounted to an increase of 2.1 percent in the region.

In China, Audi once again benefited from its pioneering role in the local premium compact segment last month: Dealers handed over 7,359 units of the A3, 14.8 percent more than a year ago. For the Q3, sales figures show 7,246 Chinese customers in May, up 29.1 percent. Sales of all Audi models in China increased last month by 5.5 percent to 50,002. Among the other markets in the region, which have developed heterogeneously of late, Australia provided positive momentum for Audi with an increase of 4.0 percent to 2,002 cars delivered. Overall, the brand with the four rings closed out the month of May in the Asia‑Pacific region with a sales increase of 5.7 percent to around 58,300 units.

Sales for
In May  Cumulative
2016 2015 Change from 2015 2016 2015 Change from 2015
World 164,150 153,854 +6.7% 784,250 744,863 +5.3%
Europe 76,000 69,251 +9.7% 376,600 348,193 +8.2%
– Germany 28,031 24,727 +13.4% 138,138 123,598 +11.8%
– UK 14,020 13,641 +2.8% 75,405 72,548 +3.9%
– France 5,232 4,851 +7.9% 26,500 25,172 +5.3%
– Italy 5,520 5,336 +3.4% 26,312 23,157 +13.6%
– Spain 4,860 4,043 +20.2% 23,699 20,468 +15.8%
USA 18,728 18,428 +1.6% 78,489 75,353 +4.2%
Mexico 1,303 1,181 +10.3% 6,054 5,333 +13.5%
Brazil 825 1,288 -35.9% 5,838 7,158 -18.4%
(incl. Hong Kong)
50,002 47,410 +5.5% 239,118 226,021 +5.8%