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BMW Motorrad Malaysia Introduces the New BMW F 700 GS and the New BMW F 800 R


BMW Motorrad Malaysia today unveiled the new BMW F 700 GS and the new BMW F 800 R, the latest premium motorcycles from the BMW Motorrad Plant in Rayong, Thailand.

BMW F 800 R

As the direct successor to the successfully versatile BMW F 650 GS, the new BMW F 700 GS is a motorcycle built by BMW Motorrad to create the desire for aspirational off-road riders to embark on riding adventures and to Make Life a Ride. The concept of this enduro model is that it is light, yet very safe with total controllability over all surfaces as well as provides plenty of drive power for long road trips.

The new BMW F 800 R, meanwhile, is a state-of-the-art roadster which is best described to be light, agile and fast, all of which delivers impressive handling, balance, and power output to ensure pure riding enjoyment at all times.

Mr. Alan Harris, Managing Director & CEO, BMW Group Malaysia said, “The arrival of the new enduro and new roadster from BMW Motorrad will continue to deliver pure riding enjoyment and safety to customers in Malaysia. The new motorcycles will also be key in introducing the BMW Motorrad brand to new customer groups as the motorcycles have the right sized engines and the newest technology for new and novice riders.”

Harris added that up till September 2015, BMW Motorrad recorded a 123% growth in its business performance over the previous year, delivering 745 motorcycles. This is a strong contribution to the overall performance of BMW Group Malaysia and with the new motorcycles, we are confident that it will allow BMW Motorrad to consistently set new benchmarks.

The arrival of the new roadster and enduro models are a further testament to BMW’s commitment towards delivering pure riding enjoyment and safety. Both the new BMW F 700 GS and the new BMW F 800 R draw their power from the distinctive, liquid-cooled four-valve two-cylinder engine with 798 cc, electronic fuel injection, and six-speed gearbox. Its spontaneous response, impressive pulling power and low fuel consumption are what give both models an inimitable fascination. Both bikes will also be fitted with BMW Motorrad ABS as standard in accordance with BMW Motorrad’s “Safety 360°” principle – a safety concept which was developed with innovative solutions for maximum safety and carefree riding pleasure.

BMW F 700 GS

Aesthetically, the new BMW F 700 GS delivers immense versatility and robust performance for both road and off-road qualities, combining the best of both worlds together to an extent not previously seen in typical enduro bikes. The new BMW F 800 R meanwhile carries a minimalist design style which offers the perfect combination of urban cool and sporty design. However, for a more harmonious appearance, the new BMW F 700 GS and new BMW F 800 R are fitted with new flashing turn indicators with state-of-the-art LED technology. Each white turn indicator glass is fitted with two LEDs for considerably enhanced visibility and safety on the road.

The cockpit of the new enduro and roadster meanwhile is now fitted with the BMW Motorrad onboard computer as a standard feature, which provides the perfect information management at a glance. Programmed for a particularly fast and comfortable retrieval of key vehicle data which is presented neatly to the rider on a flat screen, the onboard computer can be operated easily using the BC button on the right handlebar controls. The selection of functions and displays available at the push of a button include average speed, average fuel consumption and distance to empty among others.

BMW Motorrad continues the longstanding GS success story in the form of the new BMW F 700 GS, which is set to provide even more impressive versatility both on and off the road.

As compared to its predecessor, the new BMW F 700 GS projects an impressive output and torque boost of 75hp and 77Nm respectively. The riding enjoyment brought to riders by the new enduro also comes hand in hand with optimised safety features. In accordance with the “Safety 360º” principle, the new BMW 700 GS draws on an established suspension technology and is made to be safer with BMW Motorrad ABS equipped as a standard feature, as do all BMW motorcycles.

The new BMW F 700 GS is also now available with the low seat option in Black featured as standard. With a different sized body for every rider, enduro customers can now enjoy even more optimised ergonomics in the new enduro bike with a lowered seat height of 790mm. This enables better functionality for increased comfort and dynamic performance when riding.

New colour concepts are made available as well to reflect a more sharply drawn character for the new BMW F 700 GS. The colours offered are Alpine White, Blackstorm, and Racing Blue.

BMW F 800 R

Owners of the BMW F 800 R has praised the roadster’s agility, light weight and excellent road manners which make it perfect for riding in city or countryside.

In keeping with the legacy of dynamic motorcycles, the new BMW F 800 R delivers an impressive output of 87hp and a maximum torque of 86Nm as well as offers a breadth of performance which will please experienced riders just as it does beginners.

To cater to different sized body for every rider, the new BMW F 800 R is now also made available with a low seat option in Black featured as standard. Customers can now enjoy more optimised ergonomics in the new roadster with a lowered seat height of 780mm. The individual adjustment solution for the new roadster therefore supports perfect interplay between rider and machine.

When it comes to safety and comfort, the new naked roadster is similarly uncompromising. Opting for the Sport variant will boast additional safety-related innovations which include the ASC (Automatic Stability Control) and ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment).

Another element crucial for safety and performance – especially in motorcycling – is the correct tyre pressure. The new BMW F 800 R Sport features a unique RDC (Tyre Pressure Control) system with a gradient monitor which provides riders with reliable information on the current tyre pressure.

In addition to the aggressively-styled nature of the naked roadster, the new BMW F 800 R Sport now also features rear light with state-of-the-art LED technology, thus allowing more safety on the road. The new BMW F 800 R Sport is also fitted with a black engine spoiler.

To complete the dynamic riding fun of the new BMW F 800 R, two colour schemes are made available including Racing Blue Metallic and Light White.

The new BMW F 700 GS and the new BMW F 800 R are now available at all authorised BMW Motorrad dealerships nationwide and will be featured at the BMW Motorrad On Tour Pop Up Store at the MotoGP Malaysia this weekend, from 23rd to 25th October 2015.

The retail prices (on the road without insurance) are:

  • BMW F 700 GS – RM 56,900.00
  • BMW F 800 R – RM 49,900.00
  • BMW F 800 R Sport – RM 53,500.00