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New Lexus LS Unveiled in Malaysia with LS460, LS460L, LS460 F Sport and LS600h L


Today, Lexus Malaysia unveiled the new Lexus LS with 4 variants – LS460, LS460L, LS460 F Sport and LS600h L. The Lexus LS was first introduced in Malaysia since 2006 and now received a major facelift with 3,000 new parts. The Lexus LS is well-liked with its exclusivity and craftsmanship.


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The new Lexus LS is feature with Lexus’s new design philosophy called the “L-finesse” as well as the signature spindle grille. The bold and dynamic design lines give the LS a sportier presence over its predecessor, effectively opening up the LS to an entirely new market for buyers that are looking for both luxurious and sporty to drive.


The interior of the new Lexus LS, it has been updated with a simplified and elegant dashboard for roomier interior. First introduced in the GS, the new dashboard is divided into two distinct zones; an upper display zone with the ultra-wide 12.3 inch LCD multi-display screen, the industry’s largest. And a lower operation zone, which allows access to system controls such as the second generation of Lexus’ award winning Remote Touch Interface (RTI).


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During the launch, President of UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd, Datuk Ismet Suki said, “By combining perfect engineering and craftsmanship as well as a bold new design, the new LS has been tasked to lead our company’s charge towards a new era of exclusive designs and peerless in the art of building cars.”


Datuk Ismet also pointed out that the new LS is the first model to be made available in Sports trim, he said, “For the first time in the history of Lexus, the LS will be available in a Sports trim. Designed to balance the demands of a luxury sedan while providing its driver with the ultimate driving pleasure, the all new LS Sport features a more exclusive exterior, 19-inch wheels with 6 piston Brembo brakes and tops it off with an intake sound creator for a sportier engine note.”


The new Lexus LS features five different driving modes – ECO, NORMAL, COMFORT, SPORT S and SPORT S S+. These modes work with the Frequency Adaptive Damping (FAD) shock absorbers as well as the Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) air suspension system to control pitch and bounce rates for an even flatter, road hugging ride or a suppler ride.


One of the highlights of the new LS is the availability of Shimamoku wood is an example of the very finest in traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Translated as ‘striped wood’, processing the Shimamoku wood involves a unique procedure which involves 67 manufacturing steps over the course of 38 days. The Shimamoku wood finishing is just one of a few different finishes that are available for the new LS.


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According to Lexus, the new LS has also been hailed as the most quietest and most refined car in its class. The LS uses advanced sound deadening materials used in the front and rear wheel arch liners, around the floor of the car as well as the rear trunk. Wind noise is nearly non-existent thanks to a change of insulation material for the roof trim, and the addition of aero fins to the door mirror to reduce air turbulence.


The seats of the new Lexus LS have also been improved with a new design that minimises pressure points, improves body support and reduces fatigue when driving. The seats are now bigger with better cushioning and thigh support. Both front seats feature an integrated air-conditioning system as standard and work in unison with the Lexus Climate Concierge air conditioning system.


A first for any car in the world, the Climate Concierge utilises 13 sensors that are strategically placed around the cabin. These sensors detect your body heat and adjust the air-conditioning accordingly, if it detects your body temperature is rising, it will lower the temperature to cool you down via 20 individual outlets that distribute cool air throughout the cabin of the new LS.  Basically, all air-conditioning outlets can now have individual and separate temperature working with the blower.


The new Lexus LS available in 4 variants – LS460, LS460 L, LS460 F Sport, and LS600h L in Malaysia. The new LS price at RM 788,000, RM 878,000, RM 818,000 and RM 1,068,000 respectively On-The-Road without insurance in Peninsular Malaysia.


Photo Gallery: New 2013 Lexus LS Launch in Malaysia

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