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Proton and Mitsubishi Motors In Discussion for Strategic Collaboration



Malaysia National Automaker Proton and Japanese Automaker Mitsubishi Motors announced that they are in serious discussion for strategic collaboration to further strengthen the competitiveness of both Proton and Mitsubishi in the global marketplace. 


The collaborative items being considered are set to cover areas and activities such as:


1. Joint production of engines in Malaysia

2. Consignment production of Mitsubishi Cars at Proton facilities

3. Sharing of major parts and components between Mitsubishi Motors Corporation “Global Small”, which is to be launched next March starting in Thailand, and Proton’s upcoming “Global Small Car”.

4. Provision of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’ future technologies such as electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid vehicle technology


Proton and Mitsubishi had jointly proceeded with feasibility studies since late 2010 and have identified these areas of collaboration that could be expected to provide both parties with the right synergy in the pursuit of global competitiveness.


Previously, both companies had signed an agreement in December 2008 on the development and production of new vehicles at Proton. Under a license agreement, Proton currently produces ‘Inspira’, a 4-door sedan model based on Mitsubishi Lancer model.


According to both companies, the latest discussion between the companies aims to provide yet another win-win relationship where Mitsubishi will be able to expand its presence in the ASEAN market while Proton will be able to also expand its line-up and make effective use of its production facilities.