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Wimmer RS Golf R Red Devil with 478HP

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Wimmer RS – a German tuning expert renowned for its high-performance conversions presents the latest Wimmer RS Golf 6 R – Red Devil V. I think what Wimmer RS mean this Golf R was: Red in body colour, Devil under the hood.

Under factory specification, the all-wheel drive Golf R comes with a 2.0-liter TSI producing 270-hp and 350Nm of maximum torque. After Wimmer RS’s engineers given the sixth generation Golf R’ a stage V tuning kit, the engine output increased to a stunning 478HP and 610Nm of Torque.

The list of upgrades is extensive and includes modifications to the ECU, tuning of the turbocharger, injection nozzles, connecting rods, lamp coatings, cylinder heads, a larger intercooler, and changes in the air intake system and a new air intake pipe. A new crank shaft has been installed with another oil pump, a second low pressure fuel pump and sport camshafts are also included as well as a completely new, handmade high-grade stainless steel sports exhaust system measuring 84mm in diameter.

According to Wimmer RS, the Red Devil V can reach an electronically limited top speed of 291 km/h.

Besides the engine upgrades, Wimmer RS also offer other technology enhancements like a coil-over suspension set and braking system upgrades.

Unfortunately, the German aftermarket tuner did not release any info on pricing.

Photo Gallery: Wimmer RS Volkswagen Golf R

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