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Honda Civic 2012 Euro Spyshot


You might heard of Honda and Toyota update their models every 5 years. The current Honda Civic in our land, or Honda Civic Euro still looks great after 5 years. Many wonders when will the next generation of Civic coming ? In fact, as reported the new generation of Honda Civic is in works! Both Civic Euro (hatchback) and Sedan of Civic was launched in 2005.

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The Honda Civic Euro or FN2 has been spied doing some testing and prototyping. The photos here were edited by me to give you a closer look of an illustration version of the upcoming Civic Euro 2012 as compare to the spyshot taken. The illustration shows a more aggressive looking of Civic 2012 that gives a little bit like the VW Scirocco.

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The spied Civic 2012 prototype is very much similar with the current Civic. However it looks like the chassis remain unchanged but it does look slighted wider. As speculated, there might be a hybrid engine for the Civic 2012 too.

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This prototype Honda Civic Euro 2012 is disguised with fakely mounted front bumper of the current Civic. After we inspect the photos carefully the photo reveals that there’s actually another bumper behind of the existing bumper on what we saw. The current front bumper on 1st glance is to disguise the real design bumper for Civic 2012 behind.

The new upcoming Honda Civic 2012 Euro is expected to launch in mid of 2012. With this, Honda Fans can hope to see the JDM version or the predecessor of Honda Civic FD2 will be probably slight later after the Euro Civic.

Photos By AutoExpress UK

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