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Mazda3/Mazda Axela Recall due to Oil Leak by Bermaz, Mazda 3 Sport not affected

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Mazda announced a recall of the Mazda3 / Mazda Axela in its European and Asian markets. The recall is for the oil cooler hose which is located near the radiator shroud. Extended driving on bumpy roads may cause this hose to rub against the radiator’s protective panel. This can cause oil to leak if the hose is worn down. Worst case scenario, Mazda says, is that the car will simply be unable to start. However the new Mazda 3 Sport is not affected in Malaysia as stated from Bermaz – Read On.

Symptoms of the Oil Cooler Hose Leaking

– “Check Engine” light up on the instrument cluster will appear.

– There will be signs of oil leakages where the vehicle is left stationary.

– If the oil leak had occurred when the engine is in off position, the engine will disable itself from starting.

– If the leak occurs when the car on the move, the car will switch to Safety Mode, allowing the car to only drive slowly on a single gear.

The authorized distributor of Mazda in Malaysia – Bermaz Motor announced in a statement that the recall only affects units manufactured between January 2006 and March 2009. This means, only the Mazda3 from previous generation is affected and not the latest Mazda 3 Sport that launched in Malaysia back in June 2009.

However other countries such as the United States, both version are affected. Thus, we advice the older and new Mazda 3 owners to be alert of the symptoms, if there’s any similar case please bring back to your service center.

Bermaz have been instructed to do a precautionary check on these cars. The cars involved are Mazda3/ Mazda Axela (previous model) manufactured from January 2006 until March 2009 and the current (new) Mazda3 Sport has no such issue.

If you think your car under recall or might be under recall? Mazda3 owners can contact the Bermaz Hotline at 1-800-22-8080 or send an e-mail to [email protected].