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Lotus Elise 2011 Facelift,New 1.6-Liter Engine

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The Lotus Elise has facelifted as 2011 model year. Unlike conventional car facelift , the most popular Lotus Elise has quite a few updates on the styling and some mechanical tweaks.

With the design concept of “Less is More” which transcribe to less weight more power.  Lotus also introduce the new Facelifted 2011 Lotus Elise with a 1.6 liter gasoline engine by Toyota.

The new facelifted Lotus Elise can be easily identify by the new fascia up front, a redesign hood, new bumper, a wider grille and a slightly reshaped headlights. For the first time, Lotus designer has also include the daytime LED lights as it is the trend on cars lately.

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The rear bumper of the Lotus Elise 2011 and the engine cover has been redesign with a set of new rims design which what Lotus claims that said to give the car a better air flow thus improve aerodynamics.

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The more significant changes lies under the hood as Lotus Elise 2011 having a line entry level “S” model powered by a Toyota 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine.

Although the new engine is 200cc smaller than the outgoing 1.8L model, but it produce the same horsepower of 134hp at 6800 rpm. Nevertheless a  slight reduce of torque from 172Nm from the 1.8L engine to 160Nm in the 1.6L engine has been sacrificed.

However Lotus claims that with this move it has huge significant in fuel economy which is about 23% that calculates into 6.1 liter/100km and a reduce of CO2 emission for 13%.

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Lotus claims their new facelifted Elise can do 0-100 in 6.7 seconds and a top speed of 200km/h with the new 1.6 liter engine.All new Elise model will benefit from a new 6-speed manual gearbox.

If you are looking for the “R” model or the Supercharged model, don’t worry they are still here and revised with 189bhp on the standard 1.8 -liter “R” Lotus Elise and 218bhp with a 1.8-liter SuperCharged SC, also with a lower CO2 emissions and better fuel economy as a plus point.

More details about the new Lotus Elise facelift 2011 will be reveal next month.

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