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BMW M Power Meter for iPhone – Free!


BMW M Power Meter

BMW has release a free application that can measure your car and your driving performance – BMW M Power Meter. Based on the Apple iPhone 3Gs, *sorry for the others iphones* BMW has make use of the built-in accelerometer in the iphone that does a good job in motion sensor. Those who are into this has probably come across similar application like this but with a cost from Apple Appstore.

iphone speed meter BMW

In general, this application allows users to measure the g-force and 0-100 times from their iphones. The BMW M Power Meter does most of the paid application do. In fact, in my opinion it is quite complete. Just dock the iphone in your M-car, hit start and you’re good to go. Kids, please do not hold the iphone and drive with 1 hand.The BMW M Power Meter defaults the timing from 0-50 km/h, but you can change that by clicking on settings and choosing from several acceleration options up to 200 km/h or distances ranging from 100 meters to 2,000 meters.

iphone g force meter BMW

Download the appliaction here from Apple App Store, and try it yourself. Again, please try this in a safe location & if you’re into the G-meter i would strong advise you to do it on track.

iphone 0-100 meter BMW

iphone car timing meter BMW