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Frequently Asked Questions On RON95 Petrol – by Honda Malaysia


Honda Malaysia has released this list of frequently asked questions by owners of both Honda’s and other marques. The introduction of RON 95 is just a couple days away so this list should help you understand your car and the new fuel better. Except for the Civic Type R, all other models are compatible with RON 95.

1. What exactly is RON?

RON stands for Research Octane Number, which measures the quality of fuel. It represents the fuel’s ability to resist premature & uncontrolled combustion that occurs when fuel pre-ignites before the ignition spark plug.

2. What is engine knocking?

Engine knocking is caused by self-ignition of the fuel or air mixture, which is a result of using RON levels that is lower than the minimum requirement.

3. What is the minimum RON requirement of my Honda Car?

For all Honda cars produced in year 2001 onwards, the minimum RON requirement is 91. Honda cars are equipped with Knock Sensors’ that detect the octane quality of the fuel used, enabling it to automatically adjust spark timing to prevent engine knocking.

We advice drivers that bought their cars from non-authorised dealers to check their owner’s manual for minimum RON requirement.

4. Type-R RON Issue

It is recommended to use RON97 for Civic Type R because of its high performance engine, as it was tested in Japan with RON100 for optimum engine performance. Please note that this engine version with knock control can also run on fuel with a minimum octane number of 91; but performance and fuel consumption are affected as a result.

5. What is a Knock Sensor? Are all Honda cars equipped with Knock Sensors?

A knock sensor is a detector, which identifies engine knocking during spark ignition. When engine knocking occurs, the knock sensor signals the engine operation to slow down the ignition timing that will eliminate the knock, which may result in some power loss.

All Honda cars are equipped with Knock Sensor.

6. What fuel should I use & what RON works best for my car?

As long as the fuel used is not below the minimum RON requirement (RON91), it will be appropriate for all Honda Cars.

7. What is the effect to the engine if petrol of a different RON is mixed together?

As long as the fuel meets or exceeds the minimum RON required by the engine, mixing is fine & should not damage your engine. (except Civic Type R, recommended RON97). However, do note that different fuel brands come with different levels & types of additives, so mixing different fuels may not provide the optimum performance & efficiency for your vehicle.

8. Do I have to always pick the highest octane rating petrol for my vehicle?

Anything above the minimum RON requirement, which is RON91 for all Honda cars will be appropriate. (except Civic Type R, recommended RON97).

9. Will there be a reduction of fuel efficiency & performance with the use of RON95 from RON97?

The efficiency & performance will not be affected if the car uses above its minimum requirement RON which is RON91 for all Honda Cars. (except Civic Type R, recommended RON97). Loss of power & fuel efficiency will only occur when the minimum RON requirement is not met as the knock sensor signals the engine operations to retard its spark timing to eliminate engine knock.