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Toyota Camry Facelift Malaysia Coming Soon…


Toyota Camry Facelift Malaysia

We receive an email from UMW Toyota regarding the upcoming facelifted Toyota Camry. The Camry was launched in end of 2006 years ago (about 2 and half years now) and it’s going thru it’s mid life facelift. Price indicating that there will be a slight increase of the price which is about RM5000 depending on which model. The most significant changes – as we can notice is the front lower part of the bumper. No additional official news on the new specification yet but we expect most of it to be the same. We’ll update you once we get the infomation on what you’ll get with the additional of RM5000+- .

New Toyota Camry Price as below

2.0 E – RM 144,990.00
2.0 G – RM 154,990.00
2.4 V – RM 174,990.00