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BMW Z4 TV Ad banned in Australia


At Down Under, the BMW has been left in a spin after its new “artistic” TV ad was banned for encouraging reckless and irresponsible driving.

The Herald Sun reports Australia’s advertising watchdog outlawed the ad for a BMW convertible because driving stunts shown in the clip would break Australian road rule laws.

The ad features the BMW Z4 coupe creating a giant artwork in a warehouse by driving with painted tyres, and includes the vehicle spinning its wheels and skidding. The watchdog banned the ad on the basis it depicted illegal driving. As the bureau’s judgment concluded and said that, “The board noted that the advertisement does depict in a number of places the driver intentionally allowing the wheels of the car to lose traction and perform … a four-wheel drift”.

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The above clip, which has been used around the world, was made by artist Robin Rhode and famed film director Ridley Scott’s son, Jake.