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Mazda Girls – Official Preview of Mazda 3 Sport


Well the mazda 3 sport was great at the launch. Not to forget the Mazda and Shell girls were kinda cute too. They definately caught our attention and effort to stop and photograph them. We were shy of asking them to pose but in the end – we have to do it for our reader’s isn’t it ? Below are some cute Mazda & Shell girls that was there during the Preview of Mazda 3 Sport. Enjoy.

Click on the photos for a higher resolution view.

Mazda 3 Girl

Personally, i think this lady is kinda sweet and cute.

Mazda 3 Girls

Mazda 3 Launch Girls

Mazda 3 Launch Girl


Mazda 3 Model

Mazda 3 Models

Mazda Girl

Mazda 3 Launch Girl Photo

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