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2012 Toyota Vios With Minor Facelift Launched in Malaysia

Given that the 2012 Honda City facelift debuts in Malaysia, UMW Toyota Motor took chance to introduces the Toyota Vios with minor facelift for 2012 as well. According to UMW Toyota Motor, this minor facelift is made based on customer feedback as well as part of their continuous product improvement program to this model.


For 2012, the Toyota Vios now offers 5 colours – namely, Medium Silver Metallic, White, Deep Amethyst Mica Metallic with a new shade of Silver Metallic and Attitude Black (in place of the previous Coal Black).



For exterior, the headlamps of the 2012 Toyota Vios now come with dark plated (smoked type) style and the front fog lamp bezel is now revised on the lower corners of the bumper. The distinctive grille of the Vios 1.5G Limited is now offered as standard to the Vios 1.5G, Vios 1.5E and Vios 1.5J models.


The optional aerokit, only available for the Vios 1.5G Limited last year, can now be added to the other models (1.5E & 1.5J) at the time of purchase. This 5-piece package consists of the front bumper spoiler, side skirts, rear trunk lid spoiler and rear bumper spoiler. The Vios 1.5E and Vios 1.5J get upgrades for their wheels with not only a sportier 12-spoke design but also a larger diameter of 15 inches (previously 14 inches). The change is significant for the Vios 1.5J as it previously had steel wheels with a cover. Both models now use wider 185/60R15 tyres.




Inside the car, the Vios 1.5J has also received an upgrade in the cabin with a change in the seat material and fabric pattern. For the rest of the Vios’s variants, the interior remained the same as previous revision.



On the Safety aspect, finally the SRS airbag and seatbelt with a pre-tensioner and force-limiter is now installed for the front passenger as well. The upgrades on the front passenger side are now able to maximize the restraint on the passenger during the crucial moments of a collision.


Technically, the engine and transmission are remained the same with the 1.5-litre VVT-i engine.


Unlike the new 2012 Honda City, the new 2012 Toyota Vios still comes with the standard 3-years or 100,000km warranty. The new Toyota Vios is now available for viewing in all Toyota showrooms throughout Malaysia.


Price for 2012 Toyota Vios in Peninsular Malaysia

- Vios 1.5 TRD Sportivo – RM92,013.50

- Vios 1.5G Limited – RM89,613.50

- Vios 1.5G – RM87,313.50

- Vios 1.5E – RM82,300.00

- Vios 1.5J Auto – RM77,300.00

- Vios 1.5J Manual – RM73,200.00


Lastly, UMW Toyota Motor is also offering more advanced infotainment systems and sport suspension kit as options for new Vios models. Two type of systems (DVD-AVX and DVD-AVN) are available, both featuring a reverse camera which greatly enhances convenience of parking. The reverse camera has a wide angle of view and its image is displayed on a full-colour 5.8-inch (DVD-AVX) and 6.1-inch (DVD-AVN) touchscreen.




The DVD-AVN system includes a GPS route navigation system with digital maps for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. In addition, customers are entitled to one time free map update at Toyota Sales & Service Centre if a map versioning update is required.


Photo Gallery: 2012 Toyota Vios Malaysia

Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo 2010 Review

With the incoming of competition from various rivals for Toyota Vios such as, Honda City, Naza Kia Forte, Nissan Latio, Sentra – Toyota have to come out with a car that would stand out from the crowd and at time justify-able. UMW Toyota has decided take away the Vios “S” spec and give way to a more sporty and with more equipment – Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo.


Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo was born in the last pre-facelift version and it has been revised together with this Vios facelift version. We’ve reported to you on the Toyota Vios G Spec & Toyota Vios E Spec earlier. Thus, we will be concertrating what UMW Toyota give you as extra in the Vios TRD Sportivo as compare to other Vios variants.

img_3152 img_3161 img_3153

At a glance from the front, immediately the sporty factors is carried out with the lower front bumper bodykit and with a badge with “TRD Sportivo” it does give this Vios a very outstanding factor as compare to others variant.


The rear of a the Vios TRD Sportivo is equipped with  low spoiler with another 3rd brake light on top of the existing one. Although the spoiler it’s not as aggressive looking as those after-market Mugen or Evo X spoiler, this spoiler carries the sportiness of the 1.5L  Vios without over doing it unlike the one on Toyota Altis TRD Sportivo we posted earlier.

img_3141 img_3137 img_3139

The sides of the spoiler is also badged with TRD Sportivo logo. The rear bodykit of Vios TRD Sportivo is painted with a two-tone colour effect to increase the visual effect of a diffuser like styling. A chrome tail pipe is also attached to the exhaust. To further identify this top of the range Vios, a TRD Sportivo badge is attached to the rear boot where normally other version of Vios would be placing “J, E or G” .

Click here to read more details on Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo

2010 Toyota Vios Facelift 1.5E Automatic

2010 Toyota Vios E Facelift fog lights

The 2010 Toyota Vios Facelift model arrived at all Peninsular Malaysia Toyota showrooms since 16th April 2010.  For those are still new to Toyota Vios models, they offers Vios 1.5 Automatic Transmission with TRD Sportivo, G, E, J Spec and Manual Transmission with J Spec. All variants having the same engine and price range from RM71,990 to RM92,000.


So far, Toyota Vios and Nissan Sentra is the only 2 Japanese Passenger Cars that offering Manual Transmission besides the sports car like Civic Type R. – Which I am proud of that they know what the markets wants.



There are always people saying, Toyota selling uncle’ car with uncle spec’. Things are totally different now. UMW Toyota now finally knows what the market wants.In this article, I would concentrate on the comparisons between G Spec and E Spec.


If you are looking for details on Toyoto Vios Facelift 2010 1.5 G Spec – please click here.

2010 Toyota Vios E Facelift Steering

After the new facelift, the E Spec now come with Dark coloured Interior which suddenly make things totally different – Much nicer, more ultramodern.


Prospective buyers that prefer beige interior and chrome finishing, they can now go for G Spec. While young owner that wants something sportier, you have option of J, E Spec or the TRD Sportivo.

2010 Toyota Vios E Facelift Audio

The G Spec comes with integrated audio head unit while the E Spec comes with Standard double-din audio head unit with MP3, WMA and 4 Speakers. Overall, is not a bad thing as now you can fit aftermarket’ double-din multimedia head unit with reverse camera by simply replacing it without changing the panel.


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Toyota Vios Facelift 2010 Malaysia Review – Vios Desirable

2010 Toyota Vios G Facelift front bumper

Toyota Vios facelift Malaysia refreshed for the new 2010 edition to take on the competitors in the market. This is the second generation of Toyota Vios in Malaysia and a facelifted version. UMW Toyota Malaysia markets the new face-lifted Vios as “Vios Desirable“. The auto-maker expects to sell more than 32,400 units of the Toyota Vios this year prior with the launch of this facelift model.

2010 Toyota Vios G Facelift Malaysia

The car we are talking here will be the Toyota Vios G-spec. While most of the facelift will at least have a new bumper design. Toyota Vios facelift for 2010 retain the same bumper. However, from the front view we can easily notice a New Radiator Grille fixed to the face-lifted Vios. The new design it said to be a more sporty appearance. However we think that it’s more of the “elegance” theme as it reminds us the resemblance of the Camry styled front grille.

2010 Toyota Vios G Facelift rear lights

Another point that easily noticeable to differentiate between facelift and pre-facelift from the rear of the Vios, would be the rear lamps. The new enhanced rear lamps give a more dimensional layer of each lamp. I think its better design compare to the old one as it has some wing effect.

2010 Toyota Vios G Facelift discbrakes

The new Vios also comes with a new 15″ six twin-spoke new alloy rims. Since we are looking at the Vios Facelift G-spec, a new set of wheels limited to the 1.5 G variant of Vios as above. On top of that, only the G-spec of Vios and the TRD Sportivo has front-back disc brake while the J-spec and E-spec variant of Vios gets Front disc brake and rear drum brakes.

2010 Toyota Vios G Facelift steering

Moving on to the interior, we can see the new steering wheel being attached to the new Vios. Personally I quite like the design of this steering wheel, the older one reminds me of some old 90′s car every time I sat in a Vios. The new steering is wrapped with leather and has a slight sporty grip feel.


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More Photos on 2010 Toyota Vios Facelift in Malaysia

UPDATES 16 April 2010 : Toyota Vios Facelift 2010 Malaysia Review – Vios Desirable Click Here !!!

Vios Facelift 2010


Fellows that been following us thru out the Toyota Vios Facelift article, probably you have knew that UMW Toyota Motor have increase and slightly decrease the estimated price on the facelift model of Toyota Vios. Unfortunately with all the adjustment, the price of a new Vios has now maintained above the mark of RM70k. For a detail on that, please check out our previous post on Toyota Vios Facelift Malaysia 2010.

As listed in their website, UMW Toyota Motor maintained the line-up Vios 1.5 (A/T) with TRD Sportivo, G, E, J and Vios 1.5 M/T J.

From all I can see from the photos of the new Vios that been provided. The facelift model gets a new redesigned grille on the front, new headlamp, new rear lamp, maybe a set of redesigned alloy wheels, maybe a new cushion fabric and the most attractive part is a new steering wheel that looks a bit similar to the one on VW Golf GTI! Apart from all the cosmetics works, the technical specification seems to be maintained with no surprises.

UPDATES 16 April 2010 : Toyota Vios Facelift 2010 Malaysia Review – Vios Desirable Click Here !!!

Vios Facelift 2010

From our insider source, Toyota Vios facelift model will be revealed on this Friday – 16 April 2010. By time, most probably you can view it at your local Toyota Showroom. As part of our commitment towards you, we will keep you update and posted with our first hand information and photos on this Friday.

Meantime, check out our “sneak preview” gallery of MY2010 Toyota Vios Facelift! Yes, this friday!