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Thursday, December 18, 2014
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BMW 4 Series Launched in Malaysia – Price Ranging from RM358,800


The All New BMW 4 Series Coupe has finally arrived at Malaysia. BMW Group Malaysia officially unveiled this sweet coupe earlier this morning.  All-new generation of premium compact executive coupe from BMW delivers even more power, sportiness and presence.

The all new BMW 4 Series Coupe is set to replace the 3 Series Coupe that’s currently in the market. This is BMW’s newest midsized sports coupe. Embodying the very essence of aesthetic appeal and dynamics in the premium segment, the all-new BMW 4 Series Coupe is available in three (3) variants – BMW 428i Sport, BMW 428i M Sport and BMW 435i M Sport. 

Price ranging from RM358,800 for the 428i Sport, RM388,800 for 428i M Sport and RM525,800 for 435i M Sport. 

Branching out from the BMW 1, 3, 5, 7 series, this new coupe is now placed into a new standalone model – 4 Series. 


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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport VGT & GL Enhanced Introduced in Malaysia

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM), the official distributor of Mitsubishi Motors vehicles in Malaysia, has officially launched the enhanced Pajero Sport VGT and GL today. In its effort to further strengthen its SUV line up, the Pajero Sport VGT and GL now comes with premium and stylish features.

2014 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport VGT & GL Enhanced

The exterior of the Pajero Sport VGT and GL spots a new front bumper and grille as well as a 17” alloy wheels (16” alloy wheels for Pajero Sport GL). The new variants also come with white turn signal rear tail lamp, colour-keyed side mirror with signal indicator and a stylish roof rail as standard features.

From the interior, the Pajero Sport VGT and GL now comes with stylish designed leather seats and RV meter which displays travel data such as range, average speed, and fuel consumption. As for standard features, the Pajero Sport VGT and GL come with auto rain and light sensors and electronic shift and key lock system.

Available in 4 colours, Black Mica, Cool Silver Metallic, White Pearl and Quartz Brown Metallic, the fully imported Pajero Sport VGT is priced at RM172,211.60 while the Pajero Sport GL is priced at RM151,277.60 on-the-road without insurance. Owners get to enjoy a 5-year/unlimited mileage km warranty as well as Mitsubishi’s 2-Years free maintenance package (Prices are quoted based on Peninsular Malaysia, Individual Private).

2014 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport VGT & GL Enhanced

“The Pajero Sport has been a success in Malaysia since its introduction in 2009. Last year we sold close to 1,300 and to date, it has found more than 5,000 proud owners in Malaysia. The Pajero Sport has also reached a cumulative sales volume of 200,000 worldwide. As for the Pajero Sport VGT and GL, we aim to achieve a sales target of 2,000 units per year. The riding comfort of the seven-seat cabin is one of its biggest strengths, being both versatile and spacious,” said Tetsuya Oda, Chief Executive Officer of Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia.

He added, “With an impressive set of new features, Pajero Sport VGT is one of the best in its class and just the right size for a growing family while delivering reliability, quality performance and safety at the same time.”

The Pajero Sport VGT comes with a reliable 2.5-litre powertrain diesel engine which produces a maximum output of 178 PS at 4,000 rpm, while maximum torque at 350 Nm. The Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT) delivers uncompromising power while maintaining fuel efficiency by achieving an optimal turbo aspect ratio at any given speed.

The Pajero Sport VGT also comes equipped with Mitsubishi Motors’ Super Select 4WD system that enables it to traverse the toughest terrain. This innovative system gives drivers a choice of driving modes (2H, 4H, 4HLc, 4LLc) for various conditions, be it maximizing fuel economy on tarmac, or for maximum traction on challenging surfaces.

2014 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport VGT & GL Enhanced

Separately, the Pajero Sport GL comes equipped with a 2.5  powertrain diesel engine which produces a maximum output of 136 PS at 3,500 rpm, while maximum torque at 314 Nm.

Both of the new Pajero Sports come with tight minimum turning radius of just 5.6 meters, giving the drivers the ability to manoeuvre through tight spaces. In addition, Pajero Sport VGT comes with INVECS-11 5 speed A/T with sports mode which uses two shift control programs to compliments the way one drives.

Other standard safety features includes dual airbags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distributor (EBD), and safety brake pedal to name a few. In addition, Pajero Sport VGT exclusively added with Hybrid LSD.

Photo Gallery: 2014 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport VGT & GL Enhanced

Honda Thailand introduces the new Honda Brio and Honda Brio Amaze

Honda Thailand has introduced the new Honda Brio and Brio Amaze styled with a black and grey interior color combination and black seats to enhance the sporty passenger cabin. The upholstery, door armrest covers, audio panel and gauge covers are all in black complemented by metallic inner door handles that give the interior a sportier look.

2014 Honda Brio / Brio Amaze  
The Honda Brio and Brio Amaze, breakthrough eco-cars, are powered by a 1.2 liter, 4-cylinder, 16-valve, 90-horsepower SOHC i-VTEC engine that offers exceptional economy with fuel consumption of 20 kilometers per liter.  They are genuine eco sedans that are friendly to the environment in accordance with the Euro 4 standard. The Honda Brio and Brio Amaze are available with either a 5-speed manual transmission (5MT) or a continuously variable transmission (CVT).  Safety features in all variants include an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS); Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD); and an intelligent i-SRS for the driver and a SRS airbag system for the passenger that comply to UNECE standards to provide protection from side and front impacts.
The Honda Brio and Brio Amaze come in a modern design with a roomy interior, equipped with comprehensive features including a sporty instrument panel; fuel consumption indicator and ECO Indicator; 2 DIN audio system; AUX for peripherals and a USB connector.  The new Brio and Brio Amaze look sportier with a black audio panel and gauge covers complemented by black door armrest covers in all variants. To further enhance the sporty style, the new black and grey interior color combination, black seats and metallic inner door handles are added in the Brio V MT, V AT and V Limited AT, as well as the Brio Amaze V MT and V AT.

2014 Honda Brio / Brio Amaze  
The Honda Brio is available in five variants, which are the S MT, priced at 436,500 Baht; S AT, priced at 475,500 Baht; V MT, priced at 472,500 Baht; V AT, priced at 511,500 Baht; and V Limited AT, priced at 533,500 Baht.  The V MT, V AT and V Limited AT variants are available with the new black and grey cabin with black seats.  The Honda Brio comes in seven colors including Taffeta White, Crystal Black (Pearl), Modern Steel Metallic, Alabaster Silver (Metallic), Rallye Red, Cerulean Blue (Metallic) and Fresh Lime Green (Metallic).
The Honda Brio Amaze is available in six variants, which are the S MT, priced at 454,000 Baht; S AT, priced at 493,000 Baht; V MT (Black Interior) and V MT (Beige Interior), priced at 482,000 Baht; and the V AT (Black Interior) and V AT (Beige Interior), priced at 521,000 Baht.  The Honda Brio Amaze comes in six colors including Taffeta White, Crystal Black (Pearl), Modern Steel Metallic, Alabaster Silver (Metallic), Carnelian Red (Pearl), and Marine Purple (Pearl).

Photo Gallery: 2014 Honda Brio / Brio Amaze

New Kia Picanto with 1.2-litre engine in Malaysia

Perhaps, some folks from some rich man car clubs may not agree with us. In reality, with raising fuel costs and government reduce fuel subsidy in Malaysia, a small and efficient cars is more essential than anything else.

Lately, Kia introduces the new Picanto in Malaysia. Opening the door to more fuel-saving possibilities, it offers an ideal solution for those who desire a more economical and compact vehicle in which to whizz around the city.

The introduction of the new Kia Picanto on Malaysian shores is indeed timely. In a time of growing concern over rising costs of living and fuel prices, the A-segment’s 1.2-litre engine will certainly contribute towards more efficient fuel consumption. This is certainly the way to go for first-time car owners, or those simply looking to exchange their gas-guzzlers for a more fuel-efficient alternative.

The all new Kia Picanto
Indeed, the Korean marque was never afraid of a challenge. With the new Picanto, the test lay in making the car affordable, while at the same time appealing to today’s discerning consumer. And it appears that the Picanto is all set to impress in this department.

More than its affordability, what’s amazing about the new Picanto, which is expected to be launched before the end of October, is that small does not necessarily mean less. Unlike other vehicles in its segment, the Picanto comes packed with a host of premium features typically reserved for more luxury cars – setting it up to be a new force to be reckoned with in the compact car segment.

Among some of the attractive comfort and safety features we can look forward to include six airbags (not usually seen in other cars in this segment), four disc brakes and LED daytime running light and rear combination lamps, just to name a few. The 1.2AT version will also come with keyless entry with smart key and push start button, as well as 15” alloy rims and Bluetooth with steering wheel remote control.

Truly, the new Picanto’s overall neater and cleaner packaging reflects the trademark of famed European designer Peter Schreyer, who now holds the design reins for Kia.

Longer and larger than its predecessor, the new Picanto promises more passenger comfort as well as a 25% increase in cargo space – ample room to store change of clothes, spare shoes and other necessities that will take one straight from the office to the gym, and then out for dinner with friends.

With a starting price expected to provide value for money, given the new Picanto’s class-unrivalled safety and premium standards, it is expected to still be relatively competitively priced compared to other players in the segment, according to sources from Naza-Kia.

True to its tagline, “All in smALL”, the new Kia Picanto proves that good things do indeed come in small packages. For those looking to enjoy a car offering no-fuss driving with premium quality and features without breaking the bank, then the new Kia Picanto is certainly the way to go.

Audi sales up 10 percent in September 2013

New sales record for Audi in September: Around 150,300 customers chose to buy Audi last month, a year-on-year increase of 10 percent. The company continued to benefit from growing sales in the United States (+6.2 percent) and double-digit growth rates in China (+28.2 percent). Also in Europe, Audi concluded the month of September with a positive comparison to last year (+3.0 percent). Altogether, AUDI AG’s worldwide sales increased from January to September by 7.6 percent to around 1,180,750 cars.

Audi AG

“Despite significantly more difficult conditions in many key markets, we closed the first three quarters again with stronger sales than in the same period last year. We thus continue to perform better in every region around the world than the respective overall automobile market,” says Luca de Meo, Member of the Board of Management for Sales at AUDI AG. “In particular, the Q3, Q5 and A3 Sportback were driving our sales.”

Since the beginning of the year, about 150,400 units of the entire A3 family have already been delivered. Furthermore, the most recent addition to this successful model series, the A3 Sedan, was launched at dealers in Europe two weeks ago.

In China, the A3 Sedan will arrive on the market next spring. In September, in particular the SUVs drew customers to Audi dealers and contributed to Audi once again achieving strong double-digit growth: up 28.2 percent to 45,530 cars in China. The Q3 and Q5, both produced in Changchun, accounted for around 72 per-cent of this sales growth. And also the A4 L, which is produced locally too, drove sales with a growth of 41.1 percent. In total, deliveries in China have climbed across all models by 20.6 percent to 358,213 units since January.

In the United States, Audi continued its successful run with another sales increase in September. Last month, 13,065 deliveries equated to an increase of 6.2 percent. Once again, the Q5 performed particularly well. The demand of US customers for the popular compact SUV climbed 44.9 percent to 3,268 cars. The Q5 has also been available as TDI clean diesel since July, and the high-performance top model of the series, the SQ5 TFSI, was just launched in August. Altogether, 114,411 customers in the United States received the keys to their Audi in the first three quarters of the year, an increase of 13.6 percent.

In the first nine months of the year, AUDI AG further strengthened its business in the other markets on the American continent, too. In Mexico, the brand with the four rings grew by 31.5 percent from January to September. In Brazil, sales were up 29.1 percent. In the future, the company will strengthen its position in South America considerably. Beginning in 2015, Audi will start local production in Brazil, manufacturing the A3 Sedan and the Q3 in the southern city of São José dos Pinhais.

In Europe, Audi also completed the month of September with an increase in sales. Sales climbed by 3.0 percent to around 74,350 units on the carmaker’s home continent. Available at European dealerships since February, the new A3 Sportback played a very important part in this sales increase.

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