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Monday, April 27, 2015
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Kia Sorento 2015 Teased with Sketches & Video

 Kia has released a video & 2 sketch images to tease the next generation of the Kia Sorento. The upcoming model will be the 3rd generation of Kia Sorento. Bold & sophisticated as Kia claim for their new Sorento.


The actual production car model will be unveiled in South Korea in end August 2014.  The 3rd generation of Kia Sorento as we view here with sketches has a lower roof line, a higher body line profile, thus giving it a more muscular character. Also featured together is the more up lifted “tiger-nose” grille. We do see a hint of Mercedes Benz exterior styling references.


The Kia Sorento is the best selling SUV for Kia. This new Sorento model is styled with a collaboration of Kia’s design studios in Korea, Germany and the USA. The all-new Kia Sorento will make its European premiere on 2nd October at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. Enjoy the video below to get more glimpse of the Kia Sorento 2015.  The current Kia Sorento (2nd generation) is priced  around  RM 160,000 in Malaysia.

New Kia Picanto with 1.2-litre engine in Malaysia

Perhaps, some folks from some rich man car clubs may not agree with us. In reality, with raising fuel costs and government reduce fuel subsidy in Malaysia, a small and efficient cars is more essential than anything else.

Lately, Kia introduces the new Picanto in Malaysia. Opening the door to more fuel-saving possibilities, it offers an ideal solution for those who desire a more economical and compact vehicle in which to whizz around the city.

The introduction of the new Kia Picanto on Malaysian shores is indeed timely. In a time of growing concern over rising costs of living and fuel prices, the A-segment’s 1.2-litre engine will certainly contribute towards more efficient fuel consumption. This is certainly the way to go for first-time car owners, or those simply looking to exchange their gas-guzzlers for a more fuel-efficient alternative.

The all new Kia Picanto
Indeed, the Korean marque was never afraid of a challenge. With the new Picanto, the test lay in making the car affordable, while at the same time appealing to today’s discerning consumer. And it appears that the Picanto is all set to impress in this department.

More than its affordability, what’s amazing about the new Picanto, which is expected to be launched before the end of October, is that small does not necessarily mean less. Unlike other vehicles in its segment, the Picanto comes packed with a host of premium features typically reserved for more luxury cars – setting it up to be a new force to be reckoned with in the compact car segment.

Among some of the attractive comfort and safety features we can look forward to include six airbags (not usually seen in other cars in this segment), four disc brakes and LED daytime running light and rear combination lamps, just to name a few. The 1.2AT version will also come with keyless entry with smart key and push start button, as well as 15” alloy rims and Bluetooth with steering wheel remote control.

Truly, the new Picanto’s overall neater and cleaner packaging reflects the trademark of famed European designer Peter Schreyer, who now holds the design reins for Kia.

Longer and larger than its predecessor, the new Picanto promises more passenger comfort as well as a 25% increase in cargo space – ample room to store change of clothes, spare shoes and other necessities that will take one straight from the office to the gym, and then out for dinner with friends.

With a starting price expected to provide value for money, given the new Picanto’s class-unrivalled safety and premium standards, it is expected to still be relatively competitively priced compared to other players in the segment, according to sources from Naza-Kia.

True to its tagline, “All in smALL”, the new Kia Picanto proves that good things do indeed come in small packages. For those looking to enjoy a car offering no-fuss driving with premium quality and features without breaking the bank, then the new Kia Picanto is certainly the way to go.

The Reborn of the All New Kia Rio in Australia

Precisely a year ago, the all new Kia Rio reborn in Australia. The 2012 Kia Rio is the third generation of the car, which was first introduced in 2000. The first two generations of Kia Rio can be awful, but the latest generation of Rio is a total different set of stories. The car is sporty, award-winning run-around that seems as comfortable in most of the road conditions.




As you may know, the car has been spotted many times in Kuala Lumpur with trader’s plate. The new Kia Rio is rumoured to be launching by Q4 2012 in Malaysia. If you are in the market for a Volkswagen Polo or a Ford Fiesta, I would suggest you to wait and give the New Kia Rio a try.




Based on reviews, the car engineered with great handling and performance. Similar to the new Kia Sportage, the new Rio is designed by Massimo Frascella, an Italian car designer who’s had a hand in designing cars for Ford, Land Rover, Jaguar and even Aston Martin. This car is European designed, built in South Korean with a Korean price tag. The car has already received rave reviews (4.7 out of 5) from car buyer, and late last year it was the car awarded Semperit Irish Car of the Year. The Rio has also claimed Car Guide’s 2011 Car of the Year and won Slovakia’s 2012 Car of the Year.




The new Kia Rio has been hailed as a ‘great alternative to the Ford Fiesta’. Reviewers have also said that the Rio ‘continues Kia’s march upmarket and benefits from smart, contemporary styling, and generous space inside. In Australia, there are few variants available – 1.4-litre and 1.6-litre petrol engine, 3-door and 5-door versions.


The engine of the Kia Rio 1.4 output a maximum power of 79kW (105HP) @ 6,300rpm and a max torque of 135Nm @ 4,200rpm. Interestingly, the Kia Rio 1.6 comes with GDi D-CVVT engine that churning 103kW (138HP) @ 6,300rpm and a max torque of 167Nm @ 4,850rpm. Now I understand why the new Kia Rio was mentioned as “sporty” at the very beginning. I am sure the Rio 1.6 is one of the fastest subcompact cars in the market.


The Kia Rio 1.4 comes with 6-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.  The top range, Kia Rio 1.6 comes with 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. Unfortunately, there are no diesels variants in down-under land. You can check out the specifications across all variants of the new 2012 Kia Rio if you are in Australia.


Lastly, Kia has packaged the car greatly with its styling, performance and handling, but don’t take all their word for it. Just wait until we take the car keys for a test, we will judge whether this is faster and better or the Polo 1.2 TSI!


2012 Kia Rio pricing in Australia

- 2012 Kia Rio S – 1.4 litre petrol – six-speed manual – $16,290

- 2012 Kia Rio S – 1.4 litre petrol – four-speed auto – $18,290

- 2012 Kia Rio Si – 1.6 litre petrol – six-speed manual – $18,990

- 2012 Kia Rio Si – 1.6 litre petrol – six-speed auto – $20,990

- 2012 Kia Rio SLi – 1.6 litre petrol – six-speed manual – $19,990

- 2012 Kia Rio SLi – 1.6 litre petrol – six-speed auto – $21,990


Kia Forte 2013 Unveiled as Kia K3 in South Korea


To Kia fans, or Kia Forte fans, Yes. This is the new replacement model for the current Kia Forte. The New Kia Forte was unveiled in a shopping mall, South Korea. The video below shows the sneak peak process that leads to the full unveiled replacement model for the Kia Forte. In South Korea, the Kia Forte will be name as Kia K3 in their domestic market. In some other countries it will be named as Kia Cerato Forte. In Malaysia, due of the CKD collaboration with Naza it will be named as Naza Kia Forte.


The new Kia Forte  will go on sale early next year all over the world. The 2013 Kia Forte is longer, lower and wider than the current model. The next generation of Kia Forte is designed with a new bodyshell structure. Kia has implemented and more futuristic and dynamic styling with a sleeker body line , front-rear LED lamps and some of the chrome finishes.


Kia promises to deliver a better quality, upgraded equipment, more spacious cabin, and a revised engine line-up that further improve fuel economy. The Koreans will get the New Kia Forte or Kia K3 later this year. and we shall update once with get more photos from our Korean counterpart. Lets hope Naza will be able to CKD this model early next year. Let us know what you think below.



Gallery : Kia Forte 2013

Hyundai Motor Group Aims To Sell 7 Million Cars in 2012


Hyundai Motor Group announced that the South Korea’s largest automaker aims to sell a record 7 million cars worldwide in 2012 by strengthening production and sales abroad to outpace competitors amid the global slowdown.


Group chairman Chung Mong-Koo, in a New Year’s message to employees, said the world’s auto industry would see growth stagnate this year and competition intensify as the downturn cuts demand.


According to Hyundai Motor Group officially, the automaker sold 6.6 million cars worldwide in 2011. The production would reach full capacity in 2012 after adding its 30 overseas plants in 9 countries, including new factories in Beijing and Brazil.