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Sunday, April 26, 2015
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All New 2013 Honda Civic 1.8, 2.0, 2.0 Navi and Hybrid Launched in Malaysia

Today, Honda Malaysia quench our thirst and satisfied our eagerness by unveiling the new 9th generation Honda Civic Malaysia. As expected, the leak information and photos of 9th Generation Honda Civic as we posted just yesterday was true. As Honda claimed the new Honda Civic is designed with an “Advanced Smart Sedan” concept. There are many handy and smart features with the 9th Gen Honda Civic. Photo shown below is the New Civic with Modulo bodykit.


2013 Honda Civic Launching in Malaysia


For this generation of Honda Civic, Malaysian gets the identical design with the Honda Civic US edition. This could be due to the 8th Gen Honda Civic has been stop selling in Japan since 2010 and this 9th Generation Honda Civic will be not on sale in Japan. After clarification during the press conference, we found out that the development of the 9th Generation Civic is still remained in Honda Headquarters, Japan. 


2013 Honda Civic Launching in Malaysia


For the Civic 2.0L models, there will be High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlights with projector this time. The rest of the variants, it will be standard halogen with projector lamp.


2013 Honda Civic Launching in Malaysia


The 1.8L SOHC i-VTEC (R18A) engine produces 141hp @ 6,500 rpm where as the 2.0L SOHC i-VTEC (R20A) will produce 155hp @ 6,500 rpm. The new 2.0L SOHC i-VTEC that is identical to the new Accord’s engine has been tuned to give the new Civic a different engine characteristic. The new Civic 1.8 offers a max torque of 174Nm, while the 2.0 offers a max torque of 190Nm. Both engine max torque at 4,300 rpm.


2013 Honda Civic Launching in Malaysia


From the rear, Honda claims the rear lights highlight the sexy rear design of the Civic. But, this rear lights remind us that it does look similar to the current Mercedes-Benz C-class rear lights. The overall length of the 9th Generation Civic remained the same as the 8th Generation Civic.


2013 Honda Civic Launching in Malaysia
2013 Honda Civic Launching in Malaysia 2013 Honda Civic Launching in Malaysia 2013 Honda Civic Launching in Malaysia


The all-new 9th Gen Honda Civic features the similar 2-layered dashboard layout that found in the previous generation but now enhanced with series of new technologies and a more driver-centric design. A 5-inch intelligent Multi Information Display (i-MID) is fitted next to the digital speedometer to promote smart and efficient driving. Like the facelifted Honda City earlier, the new Honda Civic will features the Eco Assist functions, which helps driver improve the vehicle fuel efficiency by changing colours from blue to green to guide driver to achieve a better fuel economy driving pattern. The Honda Civic 2.0L models and the Hybrid model will not require metal car keys as there’s Smart Entry and Push Start Button. Drivers of the Civic 2.0L will get to enjoy some manual gear shifting with the paddle shift controller.



The 1.5 Hybrid Civic and the 2.0L Civic variants equipped with better quality leather seats as compared to the previous generation.


2013 Honda Civic Launching in Malaysia


The existing Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) is now integrated with the Motion Adaptive EPS (Electric Power Steering) system that helps drivers to control during oversteer and understeer conditions.  Instead of the double wishbone rear suspension, the 9th Gen Honda Civic is now equipped with the Multi Link suspension that found in most cars today.  Honda Malaysia has been generous in fitting the 2.0L Civic with Michelin Pilot Sport 3 premium tyres for better grip on the road. The Honda Civic Hybrid fitted with 15-inch rims, the 1.8L Civic fitted with 16-inch rims and the 2.0L Civic remained using the larger 17-inch rims.


2013 Honda Civic Launching in Malaysia
2013 Honda Civic Launching in Malaysia 2013 Honda Civic Launching in Malaysia 2013 Honda Civic Launching in Malaysia


This time, Honda Malaysia is re-entering the Honda Civic hybrid with a larger 1.5L i-VTEC engine that is connected to a lighter, enhanced and more powerful electric motor. The previous Honda Civic Hybrid was equipped with a smaller 1.3L engine instead. The New Honda Civic Hybrid is fitted with a lithium-ion battery that can preserve more electricity with its compact size. It is capable to preserve 3 times more electricity than the other Honda Hybrid models such as CR-Z, Insight and the Jazz Hybrid, which are using the NiMH battery cells.


2013 Honda Civic Launching in Malaysia   


The all-new Honda Civic is offered with 4 variants in Malaysia. The 1.8L is selling at RM 115,980, the 2.0L at RM 131,980 and the 2.0L Navi at RM 136,980. All prices are on-the-road price including insurance. The more environmental friendly Civic Hybrid is selling at RM 119,980. For the petrol variant, the All-New Civic is available in Alabaster Silver Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Polished Metal Metallic and Taffeta White. As for the Honda Civic Hybrid colours available are Frosty White Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Polished Metal Metallic and Taffeta White.


2013 Honda Civic Launching in Malaysia  


Overall the 9th Honda Civic 2012 Malaysia, it’s a good buy. It maintains the best in-class points from the 8th Generation such as spacious, futuristic and the beauty of the interior. The new Civic is now cheaper to run since Honda Malaysia is ready to implement 10,000km service interval for this model and also offering free labour service up to 6 visits for every alternate paid service until 100,000km. To further giving consumer more confidence, the new Honda Civic comes with 5 years warranty with unlimited mileage. Lastly, how good is the New Civic in the real world? We will come back with a test drive review article in the coming days.


Photo Gallery: Honda Civic 9th Generation Malaysia 2012

  • Jilom7

    Still looks ugly!

  • Pity Civic

    Not Only ugly but
    1) Expensive (over price)
    2) Low build up quality
    3) Cheap plastic dashboard
    4) Down grade Engine (SOHC instead of DOHC like previous 8th Gen)
    5) Silly design (front preve & personal tail)

    Targetted to the blind & fanatic of the “H” brand

  • Mazda fan

    C Segment
    * Altis, too old & Dugong (uncle car)
    * Nissan, Cheap oldman design
    * Civic, ugly -low quality & high price
    * Forte, Korean not good enough
    * Peugeot, Good car but poor NAZA (sales & service)
    * Ford, ugly & unpopular
    * Mazda 3, wait for skyactive technology
      World no 1 engine, powerful, great handling, great Fuel Consumption (FC), but when Bermaz will launched in Malaysia?
    It’s a right time to hit T & H

  • Saga

    How about Proton?
    Saga FLX vs Polo Sedan?
    RM49k vs RM99k?

    Same car at RM49k for both but VW emblem RM50k

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