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Saturday, March 28, 2015
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Proton Persona Elegance Facelift 2010 Review

New Proton Persona Facelift front

Proton Persona Facelift 2010, or as Proton would like to call it – Proton Persona Elegance. The car just launch today and we manage to get many photos from the local Proton Showroom. The Proton Persona Elegance has new bumper, new foglights design, new headlights with black background and the new grille to match the refresh look. Not to forget the new facelift version of Persona comes with new design full bodykit as standard.

Proton Persona Facelift Rear Led Signal

From the rear of the Persona Elegance as many claims from spyshot before the launch it has rear LED lights. I was wondering where did i saw similar rear lights design before – Top and Bottom Red, Middle transparent. After digging through my memories of automotive industry – i recall that, The New Mercedes E-Class is also having the similar design. No wonder, it’s call Persona Elegance.

Proton Persona Rear Bodykit

Of course it also comes with a rear bodykit and a nicer finish of tailpipe. A bootlip is also fitted into the New Persona.As a side note, the model with photos here it’s a Proton Persona Elegance Medium Line with manual transmission.


Proton Persona Facelift Dashboard

Many wonder is there any improve in the power/engine of the New Persona Elegance. The answer is No. There’s no Campro CPS option still as for now. It is still the 1.6-litre Campro IAFM engine with 110 bhp at 6,500 rpm and 148 Nm of torque from 4000 rpm which is available from the old Persona.

Proton Persona Elegance Engine

However the dashboard meter design has been change to have a sportier look. We also got to know that this Persona is equipped with a new 32-bit siemens ECU that allows more configuration and integrated to more systems in the car.

Proton Persona Facelift Interior

The dealer was nice to me and  explain almost every single new feature in the new Proton Persona Elegance to me. I was also told that the new fabrics has been fitted in to the B-Line and M-Line model. I had a chance to sit and feel it, in my personal opinion – i think it has better quality than the older one. The older one was softer and more “towel” type. As for the H-Line it is fitted with leather seats.

Proton Persona Facelift Side Lamp

New side mirrors now come with signal lights fitted to the new Proton Persona.However there’s still no auto folding for the side mirrors. Medium line and High Line get electric adjustable side mirror.

Proton Persona Elegance Blaupunkt

The facelifted Persona, is also equipped with a new audio system by Blaupunkt. The new audio USB jack for thumbdrives and Aux in capabilities. Only the Baseline does not get steering audio controls for the audio system.The Medium Line and High Line gets GPS system from Proton as an external piece.

Proton Persona Drum Brake

The Medium Line and Baseline gets rear drums brakes and as for the High Line,disc brakes is fitted front and rear.  As for the wheels, Base Line gets steel rims, Medium and High line gets Alloy rims both tyres are 195/60R15 as the specs indicated. Medium Line and Base Line has an option of Manual or Auto Transmission. The High Line Proton Persona Elegance only comes with Auto transmission.


The price of Proton Persona Elegance/facelift as below,

Base Line (M) – RM46,499

Base Line (A)  – RM49,499

Medium Line (M) – RM52,999

Medium Line (A) – RM55,999

High Line (A) – RM59,499


I was told that the baseline has a slight reduction, medium line has an increment of RM2000+ as for the Highline, the price remains the same. The sales adviser  also claim that it is more value for money to purchase the High Line version. For those who into white cars lately, there’s no white Persona this round, and Red which code name as Brilliant Red is only available if you choose to purchase the High Line Persona Elegance.

Proton Persona Bronze Garnet

On top of that, Proton Persona Elegance come with two new colours which is Bronze Garnet and Chiffon Green. The above photo is Bronze Garnet Proton Persona (more photos check out our gallery below). Of course the all time  Malaysian’s favourite colour – Silver is also available and Black too.

Proton Persona boot space

The Highline of Proton Persona Elegance gets much more goodies, such as remote trunk release, auto cruise. Notice in the photo there’s one nice luggage tray which is only available for Medium Line and above.

Proton Persona Sticker

Proton Persona Elegance comes with ABS & EBD  for High line. High Line Persona also gets dual air bag & both pre-tensioner seatbelts while Medium Line Persona gets driver side air bag & pre-tensioner seat belt. As for baseline Proton Persona, not of the above is available with it, so drive extra safely.


The Facelifted Proton Persona is available in most of the Proton Showroom. The Proton Persona Elegance comes with with a 2-year or 50,000 km  warranty and a 3-year/125,000 km extended warranty program – that’s total of 5 years and 175,000 km.

Proton Persona Facelift Side

As summary the facelift Proton Persona definately it’s a better car compare the the old one overall.Do Check out Proton Persona Elegance or Proton Persona Facelift Gallery below for more details shots.

Click here to download Proton Persona Elegance Brochure & PricelistProton Persona Elegance Broshure

  • zulkifli

    salam kpd semua,
    saya dh order PE M-line Auto kat dealer….lps baca komen2 di sini, naik cuak & bimbang pulak. Skrg ni saya guna kereta Toyota SE lama….sbnarnya saya masik loan utk toyota vios J Auto & PE M-Line Auto. Dua2 lulus, tp saya terpaksa cancel satu. jd saya pilih PE. bole sesiapa bg nasihat tak, ada kah keputusan yang saya buat ni yang terbaik ?

  • subai anak lajan


  • http://forum.lowyat.net/ Lutfi

    Salam geng, aku plan nak order PE H Line. Jadi aku nak tau sejauh mana FC PE ni. Jimat ke tak? Aku ada baca 1 komen pasal surbo dan i charge. Sesuai ke dengan PE H Line? ^_^

  • fahmi

    aku dah order dah lulus dah pon loan…tp takut plak korang ckp2 cmnie cm nyesal je dh la 1st time pki keto…hr 2 bw kwn aku nye best …tp x taw laa…ye la baru nk merasa pki keto

  • http://theseshoeze.blogspot.com/ Khai

    Aku br dapat persona warne chifon green. So far major prob x der cume drum brek cam x makan. Maybe ak x biasa lagi. then ak pelik la, bile radiator or enjin dier tibe2 bbunyi dlm 10s lps matikan enjin.
    Kenapa agaknye??
    FC ak skang 8.8l/100 km. br drive 500++ km. Tggi ke?

  • sam

    salam sume sy dah pakai PE M-line 3 bln stakat ne blom de prblem lg xtau la plak lpas ne..

  • Gone you

    Aku pn bru pkai PPE H-line 3 bulan… ok je… laju … senyap… wat masa ni xda bunyik2… pn… senyap gler… pickup pn ok gak… handling mmg top… kalah vios TRD wife aku… tp terpulang cita rasa oorg… kalu dia mmpu byr 900 sebulan pkai keta import… kalu x brape mampu beli keta nasional je… ok ape… accesory pn sama gak cm keta import bwh 90000 kn haha… its up to you… proud to be Malaysian…

  • nurul

    salam 1 malaysia…sy baru plan nk pakai PE M-L…tp bila dgr bnyk rungutan cam nie ase cam takott plak.hati still nk jugak pakai PE.
    slalu waranty proton PE brpa thn ek??betul kar pengunaan minyak dia tinggi??

  • ijam

    salam…aku baru booking PE tadi…dalam family aku sumenya pakai persona…stakat ni sumenya ok takda masalah…ejin sume ok…so,tepulang la kata orang kita nak pilih yg mana…so far da 3 org family aku pakai persona…sume ok…ada sekali je pesona bapak aku poblem kat IAFM…da tukar IAFM baru..ok da..klu tak dia bunyi cm bising cikit.,..tu je pndgn aku..hati ku tetap terPERSONA dengn Proton persona…hehehee

  • Raas

    hai,nk tanya PE owner brp normal FC PE HL utk kegunaan biase. drive below 110km/h n relax.btul ke lps 1st servicing fc akan lebih rendah?skrang PE auto aku kat meter fc show 10.5l/100km..ok ke?aku pkai PE HL and journey bru 250++km.

  • arephis

    Salam to all persona owner n bercadang nk pakai persona PE,

    As at today, aku da pakai PE aku almost 1 and half month. So far xde lagi major problem yg aku kena, Alhamdulillah….Cuma bunyi2an kat dashboard, steering dan seat blakang jerk yg buat aku sakit telinga…but just ignore it. Baru jerk last 2 weeks g anta service kat SC for 1000kM. Diorg suggest aku pasang magnetrap kat oil filter :)

    One more thing, cover utk handbrake aku senang sangat tanggal…kejap2 nk kena btulkan balik :(

    On 1/1/11 plak aku join PPEOC Mega TT convoy ke Melaka. Almost 150 PE owner yg join that day….

    For those yg belum join boleh la lawati facebook dengan menaip ppeoc or cari kat google.com ppeoc.com

    TQ :)

  • vivian

    i wan ask new proton persona izzit have turbo??? izzit coming on this year??? when???

  • vl veera

    i wan buy a new persona elegance 1.6 b line….
    bcoz that the face is very nice…
    i realy like drive malaysian car, like new persona…….
    anywhere i realy thank to proton for wan to buy the persona elegance…………

  • mufar

    Raas..stakat 5 bulan aku pakai PE..awal2 FC PE HL aku tu tunjuk 9.6L/100km..pas 2 kali servis dah..turun 9.4L/100km..okeylah..tp still high kalo compare dgn FC PE HL member aku..dia punye 8.6L/100km…dia kate standard bawah 9.0L/100km utk model persona…tp dia dpt mcm tu selepas dia suh technician kat pusat servis buat…aku tanye kat pusat servis aku buat..dia kate kena pi proton HQ..adiosss….

  • ANAZ


  • ANAZ

    pas kuar bengkel,,g setting kt servis eon..x smpi 5jm,, fius tbkr,,, trus x bleh start..yg x faham,, lampu enjin kdg2 nyala,, econ slalu wat hal..jd fobia da nk bli keta malaysia,,

  • inasmah

    saya nak beli PE HL. ok ke…
    dulu saya pakai citra 2.0 (400km=RM90.00)
    alamak minyak tak tahan la
    sekarang minyak terus naik….
    botak lah kepala aku fikir hal minyak naik
    nak tukat cc rendah lah

  • Raas

    aku dh pakai PE HL green chiffon almost 2 mths.so far no major problem arise.my window at driver side stick at door’s rubber when long not operated but still can up and down.need go to SC to put some grease oil or something.regarding xL/100km meter reading for PE,i think its not accurated.need to do manual calculating and so far to me,my PE FC still acceptable when come together with other things such as more comfort,roomy&good handling.to me PE FC just slightly more compared to my P2 kancil manual yr 2000 beside petrol price now at rm1.90/L (ron95).for example,my P2 kancil can go ++80km/rm10.00. my PE HL auto, with same driving habit ++85km /rm15.00(when the needle just touched the red line,not below that.i think can go 15-20km more but nvr tried). to me that was not bad.. am i? any one can get better than that?

  • Leong

    Do the new facelift persona has any problems?
    Cuz Im decide to go for it.
    Pls advice.


  • blue piston swk

    dah 7bulan pakai PE black color..jalan pun masuk ladang hari2,,cuma dgr bunyi2 tikus and bunyi kt dashboard..fuel consmptn 100/km 7.5 liter..cuma nak tau la cmne nak tuning keta ek..ape diaorg buat??puas hati la dgn PE aku..

  • ramlee

    PE baru vs Toyota Altis 2nd..mn yg menang..any idea?

  • wan

    pada aku sbenarnya pe ni x la merugikan pn..ari 2 akak aku bli persona h-line, januari ari 2..ok je smpai skrg..snang cte pakai la kete pape pn..kne la pndai jge..bunyi2 2 sume nnt blh ejas kn..xsmua ade bnyi2 2..aku test bawak ari 2 kete pe akak aku kalo xpsg radio xde bnyi pape pn..mcm dok dlm vacum.blh ttdo tau..naseb masing2 la dpt kete yg mcm mne kn..kite buat die..hehe..dlm byk2 review kat atas, aku cuma stuju ttg satu bnda je, masa nk dpt kete 2..kne tgk jgak la proton edar mne yg korg pegi..kalo bdak2 2 malas,lambat la korg dpt..aku pn odw nk bli pe hline gak nie.rasa berbaloi sbab aku student..hehe

  • gemok

    hi, saya dah bayar downpayment PE Bline MT. amik loan ambank. saya mintak free gift byk gila termasuk smart tag. tetiba SA cakap kena bayar rm480 kat ambank utk insuran 9thun tu. in case kalu ade kemalangan or cacat, dpt free je kereta tu. pernah dengar ka insuran camni? ke dy nk mark up balik free gift saya tuh? n brapa komisen yg SA dpt utk jual PE ni (anggaran la)?

  • april

    hi, sy tgh tnggu kete, br byr d/p 2 hari lepas, diorng kate kete leh dpt dlm minngu depan…cepat la pulak..sy first time beli kete, tak de experience, sy bli kat dealer di Giant, Tman Permata…ade sape2 pernah bli kat ctu?…cmner ok ke?

  • suami kuat

    Aku da beli PE ni untuk isteri tersayang since Feb 2011, so far boleh tahan, memang kena dengan nama ‘elegance’, part ni proton memang dah improved banyak, congrats! trunk boot punyalah spacious kira2 400 liter muatan! berbaloi banding ngan VIOS atau Honda city in term of muatan & handling (Lotus). Harga pon legi murah kan?

    Sekadar berkongsi pengalaman, masalah memula keta PE ni ialah :
    1.FC tinggi 10.5L/100km, selesai bila ke SC minta remap ECU, lebih jimat selepas svc ke 3, guna minyak itam fully syntehetic, Eneos, caltrex magnatec atau seumpama dgnnya, pastikan kelikatan oil tipis coz engine parts masih ‘ketat’ lagi ..he he he he…>_<

    2. 'Klunking' sound bila membrek, masalah selesai bila adjust brake hidraulic hose, tang ni korang sendiri boleh buat, kalau tak settle, kompom masalah rear drum brake, kena claim warranti kat SC.

    3. Pickup kurang, especially kalau going uphill, ni kena invest sket, lepas warranti 50K km, aku terus tukar exhaust system & air intake. Kalau korang beranila..
    Extractor jenis superstreet, powerzone atau Hotbits is higly recommended, piping stainless steel atau seramic coated lagi baik. Air filter plak K&N, Simota atau Apexi Power intake pilihan terbaik..skang isteri dah tak komplen lagi, FC dah improved dalam 6.8L/100km, accelaration very smooth & engine very responsive. Setakat potong keta lain mas ke Genting bini aku tak gelabah lagi dah he he he..

    All in all, setakat ni keta takder problems, cuma SATU JER PROTON KENA IMPROVE, TECHNICIAN & YANG KEJE KAT SC TUH SEMUANYA TAKLEH HARAP!! Fuhh nasib baik ada knowledge sket2 pasal keta nih kalau tak memang naya!!

  • sally

    urusan loan dah setel, tp im getting confused bila baca komplen ttg masalah2 PERSONA ni..i have a long sigh

  • http://oro-mint.blogspot.com MoneyMakerGroup

    dari atas sampai bawah aku baca komen ni…
    komen awal2 banyak kata problem.. yang baru2 pulak kata ok…
    apa2 pon PE elegance HL ni memang cun lah…
    berkenan pulak aku

  • fleetjr

    beli jer bro… beli apa yg berkenan di hati. aku dh pakai pe…. sempoi jer

  • inasmah

    sya dah beli….dapat kreta 5 ari sebelum raya posa

  • ADEQ 9130

    aku baru beli proton persona H LINE br 3 hari keluar.Hari yg pertama,aku ambil kereta aku nie di proton edar kluang aku bwk blk ke kota tinngi bila dah smpai kota tinggi lampu signal tak hidup dan aku terus la pergi ke PS yg bdekatan.Foreman tue check rupenye wayar kat fuse box kat bwh kaki driver x touching.Hari yg kedua aku baru perasan lmpu amaran sit belt tak menyala,hari yg first tu aku tgk ade…tp aku blom sempat gi PS lg ingatkan nk pegi dhari yg ketiga iaitu hari nie.Hari yg ketiga….pg2 lg aku dah start kereta aku,aku dah cuci lps tue bwk gi round2 lg.Tgh hari lps mkn aku ingatkn nk gi PS sbb nk soh dia chek aku pnye lmpu sit belt tue,tp… kereta aku plak yg dah x boleh start nie.Aku call PS yg bdekatan soh dtg umh aku dia org ckp ptg sikit,aku sdg mnunggu la nie.Aku pon x tahu la ape problem lg nie,bateri kong ataupon lain mslhnye…tension btol klu beli kereta br jd cm nie

  • zaini

    Salam semua..
    saye dh tempah PE H Line.
    amik colour Bronze garnet.
    hope berjalan lancar…….

  • sunny boey

    saya dah beli PE dekat sebulan yg lalu. masalahnya bila jalan laju sikit, bunyi roda depan sangatlah bising hingga berdengung telinga. ape kah sebabnya ya?.

  • herry

    omg, i baru book dan lulus loan hline. boleh cancel ker. dari coment2 nie mcm banyak sangat masalah proton car

  • Aducka

    Dah pakai PE M-line auto selama 3 bulan. Takde masalah yg besar2 pun. Sedap bawak. FC ok.. 7.4L/100km.. So far mmg berpuas hati sgt. Kena biasakan dulu, then adjust cara pemanduan kita. Then only we can get the best of its engine…. Bear in mind PE ni bukan utk berlumba n lenjan sampai x ingat… Be gentle…..

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  • haszrol

    aku beli pe h line second hand.. pakai dekat setahun.. takde apa2 problem besar… cuma sekali handbrake tak lekat… repair kat sc kuantan.. RM250 kalau tak silap… tak mahal rasanya pasal kena tukar seketol…
    fc depend pada kelajuan kalau bawak 90 kmj 6.8 l/100 km … lenjan sampai 170kmj cecah 7.8l/100km..
    dah buat ekzos 4-2-1, tukar tabung tengah, mufler s flow.. bunyi x kuat sangat kecuali time tarik pickup…
    masuk twin surbo, tukar crank pulley… rpm cepat naik so pickup memang best…
    grounding cable

    minyak hitam castrol magnetec – castrol auto service

    atf petronas xp3 – proton sc

    top speed tak pernah try… tapi pernah lenjan sampai 180kmj.. boleh pergi lagi…
    next project – redline air filter, adjustable cam pulley..
    rim standart kilang…

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