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BMW 2009 Coupe Concept


BMW 2009 3 series Coupe Concept

The images above is actually rendering from Jonsibal.com that intially got images from a 3/4 covered images of a BMW concept car from Bimmerpost forum (image below). The top image shows a more aggresive looking 3 Series Sized coupe concept car. The below spyshot which is actually taken outside BMW’s design studio in Germany.Also reported is that the vehicle is just a 5-year-old design study that was being moved to a storage facility. Because of spectulating of spyshots over the internet, many rumours state this coupe concept is moving to Frankfurt instead. However BMW did mention its plans to unveil the Vision EfficientDynamics concept in Frankfurt. We shall see the truth and how close is the rendering to the upcoming concepts from BMW in a month time.

BMW 2010 3 series Coupe Concept

Sources: Jon Sibal, Bimmerpost