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Infiniti M35h and M25 Introduced in Malaysia

The new Infiniti M35h unleashes 360hp from new-generation hybrid technology which set new benchmark in power and efficiency. Basically, the Infiniti M35h is the first and latest model that comes with ‘Infiniti Direct Response Hybrid’ technology. Along with it, the more affordable M25 is introduced as well. As of now, the Infinite M line offers 3 variants with M25, M37 ...

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2011 Nissan Fuga Hybrid Launches In Japan

Nissan Motor Co. introduced the new hybrid vehicles called Fuga in Japan. The hybrid goes on sale in Japan Nov. 2, starting at nearly 5.8 million yen – more expensive than the regular gasoline version which starts at about 4.3 million yen. It is planned for sale in the U.S. early next year and also for Europe, although that date ...

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