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086A coming to the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show

According to the latest reports from Japan’s Best Car Magazine, it appears that the acclaimed Toyota Subaru FR Coupe will finally be revealed at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show along with a new sport model, possibly the Toyota Supra successor. The FR Coupe (code name: 086A) developed in partnership with Subaru will be a competitor for the upcoming Honda CR-ZX. There is also a possiblity ...

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More 2012 Toyota/Subaru Sports Coupe scuttlebutt exposed

A “Toyota insider” at Toyota R&D has supposedly spilled a few more beans to 7Tune and revealed that the upcoming Toyota compact sports car, codenamed 086A, will offer lines that look similar to the current Lexus LF-A prototype as seen at the recent N¼rburgring 24 Hour endurance race. The Toyota insider has apparently been sitting on this information for quite ...

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2012 Toyota/Subaru Sports Coupe

We’ve heard all this before about Toyota and Subaru joint effort to build an FR Sports Coupe. But now, we now have stronger proof than ever that Toyota is getting back into the affordable sports-coupe game. This front-engine/rear-drive 2-door will reincarnate the spirit of the 1983-1987 Corolla AE86, a car that’s still popular today, especially among drift enthusiasts. According to Best Car ...

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