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Toyota 86, GT86, FT86 is here in Malaysia!

  However you want to call it, Toyota 86, GT86 or the concept name it was given as FT86, doesn’t matter. The good news is the legendary Toyota AE86 (made popular by the Japanese anime – Initial D) successor is here. The All-New rear wheel drive Toyota sports coupe – named as Toyota 86 in Malaysia and few other countries as GT ...

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Toyota Unveils 86 Sports Car at Fuji International Speedway, Japan

A long-awaited new Toyota rear-wheel-drive sports car has now been unveiled in its home market, Japan. Toyota newest sports car is officially known as Toyota 86 or “hachi roku”.   [singlepic id=9169 w=630 h= float=] The unveiling occurred when Toyota president Akio Toyoda drove a production prototype down the main straight of the Fuji Speedway, south of Tokyo.   Mr ...

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2011 Honda CR-Z Mugen with limited run of 300 units

[singlepic id=4289 w=630 h= float=] For US market, the 2011 Honda CR-Z Mugen will enter production with limited run of 300 units in the spring of 2011. The pricing details will be made available closer to the on-sale date. Same like the Toyota Prius PLUS, there is no performance upgrades to the Honda CR-Z Mugen. The package includes a full ...

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Toyota FT-86 should be officially badge as Toyota FR-S

[singlepic id=394 w=630 h=473 float=center] Based on Toyobaru Forum Thread, one of the member found Toyota Motor Corporation recently filed a trademark for “FR-S” name in both the U.S. and Canada. It is speculated that this new name is belonging to the long awaiting FT-86. FR-S, it should be stands for FR (Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive), S (Sport). If ...

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Toyota FT-86 premier in 2010 Geneva Motor Show and launch in 2011

[singlepic id=389 w=630 h=473 float=center] Toyota FT-86 which was designed at Toyota’s ED2 studio in Nice, France, had its European premier this week at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. The compact sized coupe measures that 4,160mm long, 1,760mm wide and 1,260mm tall, with a 2,570mm wheelbase, is being co-developed with Subaru that will also present its own variant of the ...

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Toyota FT-86 Concept FR Sports Car Revealed

The car that has been dubbed the ‘Toyobaru’ has been revealed for the first time. Toyota’s new FT-86 concept will appear at this month’s Tokyo motor show as the first half of a joint-venture rear-wheel-drive sports car with Subaru. The affordable compact coupe will go on sale in late 2011 with a Toyota badge, followed by the Subaru version that ...

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