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2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid 1.5-litre Launched in Malaysia


Recently, the long awaited 2011 Honda CR-Z made its debut and launched in Malaysia after the latest announcement in the Budget 2012 about the full exemption of import duty and excise duty for Hybrid models (for 2.0-litre or below) until December 2013. The CR-Z is the third hybrid vehicle that Honda introduces to Malaysians, after the Honda Civic Hybrid and Honda Insight.



Malaysia is the first country in Southeast Asia to introduce this hot hatch hybrid. Quite simply, I believe many boy racer and amateur car enthusiasts have waited long for such car with 6-speed manual gear stick and a price tag of slightly above RM100k mark. Thus, it is doubtless that Honda Malaysia will be able to achieve the sales of 100-units by end of 2011. The 2012 Honda CR-Z Hybrid 1.5-litre is selling at RM 115,000.00 on-the-road with insurance in Peninsular Malaysia. Does it sound tempting?


After the Honda Civic Type R discontinued from the production, the Honda CR-Z is gradually positioning to be the substitution. Although the CR-Z is not comparable with the Type R in terms of performance, but it is definitely greener and more fuel efficient. One more in common, the CR-Z comes only in one colour – Premium White Pearl.


According to Honda officially, CR-Z stands for “Compact Renaissance Zero”, which represents Honda’s commitment to go back to the basics to take on the challenge to create a new compact car without being bound by the values of a traditional hybrid.”


Technically, the CR-Z is designed to deliver exceptional fuel economy while offering an entertaining and engaging driving experience. It combines an efficient 84-kilowatt (114PS) 1.5L SOHC i-VTEC engine, a 10-kilowatt (14PS) electric motor and a sophisticated Intelligent Power Unit (IPU).


Additionally, the All-New CR-Z is the first model to feature Honda’s versatile 3-Mode Drive System, which enables the driver to choose and switch modes seamlessly depending on their driving style and road situation. The three modes in the CR-Z alters the responses of the throttle, steering, idle stop timing, climate control and the level of assistance provided by the IMA Hybrid System.


In safety aspect, the All-New CR-Z has been rated one of Japan’s safest cars in 2010, having been awarded the 6-Star JNCAP rating. The CR-Z is equipped with Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) which offers a more stable and sturdier drive while the Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure enhances self-protection. The CR-Z also complies with Pedestrian Impact Requirements where head and chest injuries to the pedestrian are minimised during an accident.


In Malaysia, the warranty structure for the Honda CR-Z’s is similar to the hot-selling Insight’s. It comes with 3-years warranty (or 100,000 km), 5-years warranty for IMA battery, 2-year warranty for standard battery. On top of that, it also comes standard with 6-month free service (or 10,000km).


Lastly, the CR-Z was awarded the 2010/2011 Car of the Year (COTY) in Japan as well as the 2010 Top Gear Green Car of the Year in the UK. Once we got the Honda CR-Z in our hands, do expect more photos and follow by a review. So stay tune with us!!