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No Damage Reconditioned Vehicles or Parts from Japan!


japan earthquake tsunami No Damage Reconditioned Vehicles or Parts from Japan!


As an action and response towards the Japan massive earthquake and tsunami, the Malaysian government step up and setup a six-department committee to ensure damaged vehicles or vehicle parts from areas hit by the recent earthquake and the tsunami in Japan do not end up in Malaysia.


The committee will conduct thorough inspections on shipments of vehicles and parts from Japan and turn them away if they were found to contain damaged items. According to the Malaysia’s Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mukhriz Tun Mahathir, the committee met last week to coordinate the task and several importers were also roped in to assist this operation.


We will ensure that damaged vehicles and parts from ruined vehicles do not make it to our shores, he said when asked about the fear that such vehicles or parts would be brought into the country via gray market channels.


For the rest assured, damaged vehicles or parts either with or without radioactive contamination will not be accepted in Malaysia. At the safe side, we suggest to pay more attention whenever you shop for used car from Japan which newly imported in Q2, 2011. If you need any tips, please feedback to us.