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Nissan version of Mazda 5 in Japan soon


Nissan Premacy 5 Nissan version of Mazda 5 in Japan soon

Nissan will re-badge the Mazda 5 or rather known as Mazda Premacy. The plan it’s part of their OEM (original equipment manufacturing) project. Mazda and Nissan will be working on a version of Mazda 5 of Nissan is entirely different looking than the Mazda 5. While we still awaits some photo to be leaked, there will be likely some head lamps and bumper tweaking at least given the short time frame. The Nissan version of Mazda 5 will be solely a Japan Domestic Market (JDM) product. Mazda also will supply and OEM version of Bongo Van and Truck to Nissan to be sold as Nissan Vanette and Truck (like Navara).


In Japan Mazda Premacy or Mazda 5 is available also available in 4WD powered by a 2.0 liter petrol engine. Drivers can select front wheel drive or 4-wheel mode with a button. With Mazda’s i-stop technology on the Mazda 5 making it more fuel efficient. We would expect the similar systems available all on the Nissan version of the Mazda 5.