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Peugeot 3008 1.6 PSA Twin Scroll Turbo High Pressure (THP) Crossover MPV SUV Malaysia

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Peugeot 3008 is a new concept for today conventional car that allow the owners for daily use, weekend family day or even holiday road trip. It has the driving dynamics of a family hatchback like 308 and space of an MPV and rugged look’ like an SUV.

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The interior is typically feature-rich European design which design based on the driver’s requirements at the heart. The car comes with leather seats that are white in colour. Personally I preferred it to be black coloured instead. From the dashboard looks elegance with a handle bar for the passenger during wild’ driving condition. Most amazingly, the car comes with Head-Up Display of the Speedo Reading and other essential driver information.  The panoramic glass roof with electronically controlled retractable blind helps to contribute the car to the next level of luxurious and feeling of space for the driver and passengers.

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If you have realise the car doesn’t come with hand brake lever or foot brake lever. It only come with Electric Parking Brake, which just a lever switch to lift up to apply or release it.

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At the first glance, those switches to turn on the hazard light, door lock and others provide the look & feel similar to the Italian supercars. Apart from there, the Peugeot 3008 includes audio equipment system with CD and MP3 Feature over 6 speakers (2 Front, 2 Front Tweeters and 2 Rear Speakers).

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The Multi flexible design is one of the core design of this 3008, the tailgate boot opens in two parts just like the old 3-doors Honda Civic EG. You can adjust 3 mode of position boot floor area as well. Both help the car to be able to load big or heavy objects into the boot easily. The rear seats are foldable to provide flat storage space and the car come with 3x 12V DC Sockets in the front, rear and boot. By time, you can probably put a portable refrigerator at the back of the car.

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The Rear windows come with windows retractable sunblinds that similar to the BMW 5-Series or the Toyota Camry 2.4V.

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This car also comes with auto dimming rear view mirror just like other continental cars. Moreover, the car also come with sensor activated headlights and wipers like the VW Golf. At this technology edge, most cars come with on-board computers. This one come with Speed Limiter, cruise control, trip distance recorder, service indicator, engine oil level, distance recorder, trip recorder, date time, temperature, integrated audio info and door open status.

In terms of safety wise, this car rated with 5-star Euro NCAP. It comes with 4 Discs Brake (F: Ventilated R: Solid), 6 Airbags (Driver, Front Passenger, Front Side, and 2 Curtain Airbags), Dynamic Roll Control (DRC), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), Anti-Skid Regulation (ASR), Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and Anti whiplash front seats headrest. For car security wise, Peugeot come with rolling code transponder immobilizer security to provide peace of mind against car theft.

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Moving forward to the technical specification of the engine, the car is fitted with 1.6 PSA Engine with Twin Scroll Turbo High Pressure (THP) and Variable Valve Timing (VVT) powering the front wheels. This engine output slightly more horse power than the 308 Turbo with 157bhp @ 6,000rpm and torque of 240Nm @ 1400rpm. Thanks to the Twin Scroll Turbo Turbine, the car able to provide smooth and lag less power from the Turbo Charger. The engine is mated with 6-speed Automatic Gearbox with Tiptronic and Sport mode. The car is fitted alloy rims with wheel size of 225/50 R17. The steering wheel is still using the electro-hydraulic power assisted steering. Somehow, I believe there is reason behind why the French doesn’t fit in with Electric Power Steering System.

For folks that interested more on performance, the car accelerates 0-100km/h in 9.5 seconds and max speed of 202km/h. Moreover, Peugeot claimed that the max speed is limited by ECU to conform to standard EU tests.

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Nasim Sdn. Bhd. – who is the Franchise Holder of Peugeot in Malaysia, offers 5 colour options for potential 3008 buyers – Nera Black, Shark Grey, Vapour Grey, Aluminium and Pearl White. In terms of After Sales, the car comes with only standard 3 years or 100,000km warranty. Personally, 5 Years Warranty will help to boost the confidences of owning a Peugeot instead.

This car is fully imported (CBU) and goes on the road with Insurance from RM 143,888.00. For more information of Peugeot 3008, contact your local Peugeot Dealer or visit www.peugeot.com.my or call 1800-88-6292.

Photo Gallery: 2010 Peugeot 3008

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