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Lexus LFA breaks glass with sound


Lexus LFA – a car that we would like to call priceless in our world. There’s not much publicity on the Lexus/Toyota Supercar  – a car built with many carbon fiber and hardcore  materials. That does  not mean Toyota/Lexus is not showing off their new racing blood icon. The firm has just released a clip showing of the Lexus LFA roaring V10 Engine that would break a glass just with the LFA sound generate from the engine to the exhaust. We were thinking this could make be a another marketing gimick that you can alter the pitch on the audio system. However, Toyota/Lexus claims that the firm actually hire a physicist to calculate what kind of glass to use that the frequency of the sound generated by LFA would shatter the glass. The Lexus LFA is pulled and station in a static position just like when we dyno our cars. Check out the video below to see it for yourself.

And, if you like the sound of the Lexus LFA (that screaming V10 sound), you can download the ringtones created by Lexus below.

Lexus LFA_Ring Tones in Mp3

Lexus LFA_Ring Tones_iPhone